6 Best Practices for Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective and efficient tools for communicating with buyers. With incredibly high open rates compared to email, it’s not a surprise that more and more organizations are integrating business text messaging in their outreach and communication strategies.

Business text messaging should be strategic. It needs to be thoughtful, well-executed and provide value to today’s savvy buyers in order to stand out from bombardment of communications they receive each and every day from your competitors.

Below is a list of proven best practices to help guide your business text messaging communication strategy and generate better results.

1. Be personal

How many times have you received a message from a business that you thought was spam because it wasn’t personalized? Whether you’re using a business text messaging service for one on one texting or using it for multiple people, the messages should be well thought out and personalized.

One of the easiest ways to start personalizing a text or SMS message is to use the customer’s name. To take it to the next level, use your business text messaging service to send text messages that are customized for the individual, such as talking about products or services the customer has purchased. For example, sending a text a few days or a week after the customer has purchased a specific product and asking them specifically how the product is working out for them. Ask for feedback on the product or provide a few tips on how to best take advantage of the product.

2. Be responsive

Texting is one of, if not the most, immediate forms of digital communication. When using a business text messaging service, responsiveness is something to highly consider. By text enabling your business number, you are committing to another way of communication, both sending and receiving. Make sure there are clear guidelines in place for your teams, so buyers are receiving a response or exchange from you in a timely manner.

Business Text Messaging

3. Be relevant

A great customer experience helps demonstrate what kind of interaction to expect from your business and helps set a standard. What phone number are you sending the text from? Is it recognizable, such as your business landline or main business phone number? Are you using common language? Are your messages so long that no one will want to read them? Keep the messages short and make every text worthwhile.

Consider this: If you are sending appointment reminders through business text messaging, put the date, time and address of the appointment. Your customer should be able to just click on the details of the message and create a calendar item without having to type anything. This helps create a great customer experience!

4. Use common language

Leave the LOL’s, BRB’s and emojis to your exchanges outside of your business interactions. When using a business text messaging service, be conscious of the language you choose and cognizant of the company you represent. Be articulate in the delivery of your messaging.

5. Text within business hours

Be courteous and conscientious of your buyers. Take time zones into consideration and be aware of  common business hours. It can be counterproductive and annoying to text outside of your optimal hours. The last thing you want to do is wake one of your customers up with a text or interrupt them while they are binge watching their favorite Netflix show after they have put their kids to bed at the end of a long day.

6. Be aware of security concerns

It’s important to keep in mind that text messages are not secure, even through landline texting. If part of your interaction with your customer is to take a credit card number or other Personal Identifiable Information, PII, then you should consider receiving that information in a different method, such as through a secure online web form. DO NOT ask for credit card information through texting.

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