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People Prefer Text

That’s why so many businesses have turned to TextBetter. We offer a business-texting solution that makes it easy to send & receive texts from your existing landline number.

What We Do

Landline Texting For Business Made Easy

We make it easy to send & receive texts from your existing landline number. Our simple & affordable solution
works with any kind of landline number, so your contact information stays the same.

Your main office line can landline text

Your Main Office Line

Your employees DID can landline text

Your Employees' DID

toll-free numbers can landline text

Toll-Free Numbers

VOIP numbers can landline text

VoIP Lines Work, Too

Why we are different

We work where you work

Use Email to Text

TextBetter allows you to send & receive text messages via business email by simply pairing your landline number with your email address.

Prefer API Solutions?

We’ve got that, too. Our developers solution offers easy-to-use APIs, flexible endpoints and so much more. 

Landline Texting with Business Email

Our Features

Everything You’ll Need

SMS Marketing Wizard

Send personalized mass texts  – like appointment reminders & special announcements.

Store Text History

Archive texts, search conversation threads & manage texts from your inbox.

Share Picture Messages

Share pictures messages via text, images are stored/searchable in your inbox.

Automatic Replies

Custom automatic replies based on a date/time or key words, like “address”.

Compliance Protection

Prevent employees from sending unwanted texts using a company-wide opt-out list.

Improved Delieverability

Identify whether a phone number accepts texts before you text your customers with SMS ID.

Sync with CRM

Sync text conversations in CRM, like Salesforce, Sugar & MS Dynamics & more.

Distribution List

Text notifications & announcements to hundreds of recipients at once with just one click of a button.

Self Administration

Designate a company admin. to manage user preferences & features across your organization.