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TextBetter text-enables
your main business line!

TextBetter text-enables your main business line

…or as many direct lines as you need

...or as many direct lines as you need

…send and receive pictures through your email

You can now send and receive text through your existing email

Business have waited too long to embrace the effectiveness of text. Quite frankly our patent pending solutions are the easiest and most cost-effective solutions available in the market. The best way to determine how to deploy business text messaging for your unique business is to take advantage of our Free Trial offer.

Overview of our Patent Pending
Business Text Messaging

TextBetter patent pending tool lets businesses and customer text each other, professionally. TextBetter text enables your business telephone numbers (existing landline, toll fee or VoIP numbers).

TextBetter is a scalable solution for any business who want to text enable one number or thousands. It takes less than 30 minutes to text enable any number.

All TextBetter solutions use your existing email client as the tool to send/receive text messages. This eliminates the need to download or configure additional software.

As a result, all text messages are searchable and archived in your mail server. In addition, all TextBetter solutions seamlessly work with CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Infusionsoft and others.

Texting has become the new norm.  Businesses need to be able to send & receive text messages professionally, like email.

Simplicity – Customers like a single point of contact – voice calls and texting use the same number.

Trackability – Our business text messaging service guarantees all text communications are searchable and archived.  Stop employees from using their personal cell phones to text your customers.  Easily keep 100% of all employee/customer text conversations.

Increase Engagement – Customers are already sending text messages.  Are you getting them?

Increase Market Share – Younger generations prefer communicating through texting.

Get the right plan for your business text messaging needs:

Text or call: (800) 322-1112

    • Team
    • $33 per month
    • Includes 2 users
      Additional users $15/mo
      Up to 5 users
    • Our most basic plan
      designed for small teams,
      up to 5 users or less
    • Core Features
    • ✔ Use existing numbers
      toll-Free & VoIPs included
    • ✔Company-wide opt-out list
    • ✔ CRM Integration
    • ✔ Treat text like business email
    • Our Most Popular Plan
    • Business
    • $97 per month
    • Includes 8 users
      Additional users $10/mo
      Up to 1,000 users
    • For small & midsize companies
      looking for a simple way
      to start texting
    • Everything In Team, Plus
    • ✔ Company-wide phone book
    • ✔ Automated responses
    • ✔ Distribution list
    • ✔ Self-Administration
    • ✔ On demand reporting
    • ✔ Text multiple recipients at once
    • Enterprise
    • Contact Us
    • Unlimited users
      Volume discounts
    • For large companies
      that need premium customization & support
    • Everything In Business, Plus
    • ✔ Personalized branding
    • ✔ Custom Integrations & API support
    • ✔ Tailored solutions
    • ✔ Test environment & developer console

    Get the right plan for your business text messaging needs:

    Text or call: (800) 322-1112

    Need More Convincing?

    Business Text Messaging Is More Efficient than Email

    First, and perhaps most importantly, business text messaging improves customer engagement.  It often decreases response time by keeping interaction efficient and personable. As a result, the perception of your value offering is elevated.

    In using this approach, customer loyalty is immeasurably strengthened, and referral activity proactive and permeating.  The result is a business text messaging service that represents your customers’ desired mode of communication without losing information and process inefficiencies.

    Second, business texting services remove the need for manually transferring customer conversations via text messaging to CRM or email. Customer information is easily integrated into existing email workflows as if it were through a single mode of transmission.

    Lastly, using a business text messaging service creates a real-time communication environment. In this, customers are less inclined to call your help desk and more likely to have a better customer experience.  It also means that B2C texting services create measurable efficiencies for customer service reps by enabling them to multiple task – communicating both professionally and efficiently.

    Integrating a Texting Service into your Marketing Plan

    Business Text Messaging is an underutilized method of marketing. By communicating with your potential clients/customers in a way that is unobtrusive and natural, your clients are more likely to connect with your brand and move forward with their purchase.

    In fact, more and more we are seeing industry giants across multiple verticals seamless integrate texting services into their pre-existing marketing efforts; effectively creating what marketing pros refer to as an omni-channel, multi-device strategy.

    In laymen’s terms an omni-channel, multi-device strategy boils down to customer experience – and more specifically, how to make your customers experience as seamless and positive as possible through each of the various channels (or devices) employed. It is characterized by providing your customer with real-time, personalized experiences just as they need them, and frankly, is a clear sign of the times.

    So for any business trying to survive today’s digital boom, the natural next question is how?

    From appointment reminders to recruiting efforts or even just a ‘soft touch’ – the TextBetter™ team has the solution for you. All you need to do is ask us how.

    No downloads to install or configure – 100% cloud based

    Easy to use from anywhere and on any device

    Your employee will use your existing company email to send/receive text messages from your main business phone numbers. All text messages will automatically be saved and be searchable in your exchange server.

    Get the right plan for your landline texting needs:

    Text or call: (800) 322-1112


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