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Business Text Messaging

TextBetter makes it easy to send & receive
text messages from your existing landline number

Use email to send texts
from your landline number

Simply email a recipient’s mobile phone number (followed by @textbetter.com)
& press send.

TextBetter converts your email into a text message & delivers it with your landline number listed as sender.

Simple, right?

Text-enable your main line

Or as many direct lines as you need.

Use from anywhere, & any device

Easy to use from anywhere and on any device.

Exchange picture messages

Send & receive pictures through your email.

Save SMS history

Texts are automatically saved
& searchable in your exchange server.

Treat texts like email

Users can archive texts, read conversation
threads, search text history and more.

Cloud-based solution

No downloads, no applications &
no software installs – 100% cloud-based.

What We Do

TextBetter connects your landline number with your email address by simply pairing the two.

It works with any 11-digit landline telephone number (toll-free & VoIP numbers included), so you can text-enable your existing number, or buy a new one from us.

Business text messaging solutions built for companies of all sizes,
pick the plan that’s right for you


Simple. Intuitive. Efficient

It’s easy to understand why any organization would want to tap into business text messaging. – Did you know 98% of text messages are responded to within 10 minutes or less?

Keep Your Contact Information | voice calls and business text messaging uses the same number …and customers like a single point of contact.

Archive & Search SMS History | Our service guarantees all text communications are searchable and archived.  Stop employees from using their personal cell phones to text your customers. 

Increase Engagement | Customers are already sending text messages.  Are you getting them?

Increase Market Share | Younger generations prefer communicating through texting.

Solutions for Developers

For Our Solution Providers and Developer community we offer web interface that concurrently works with easy to use API’s and their endpoints making testing a breeze.

Business text messaging is easy
with TextBetter’s patent-pending solution

The business case for business text messaging

Most businesses are built around using email as a primary communications tool. Employees send emails all the time. Your company has invested in and thought about preserving emails and storing them appropriately. Most companies use a CRM that seamlessly integrates with email.

That’s the magic behind our patent pending TextBetter services. Being able to use your existing email, as a tool, to send and receive text messages is almost too simple.

  • There is no need for a web-based application, no need for a desktop application (except for the existing email client you already use) and no need for a mobile app (which also has an email app running).
  • No need for IT to manage another new application or archive another data feed of messages. Again, since email is already archived company wide, your text messages would automatically be included.

We have many clients who after text enabling their landline numbers seamless integrated TextBetter messages with CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Infusionsoft and others. Our team of Sales Engineers can walk you through how this works.

Not just for your customers

Some of our clients have text enabled team managers and the HR departments telephone numbers for employee engagement and recruiting. Each TextBetter text enabled number has rich functionality that can also support human resources.

  • For example, each user is provided with a distribution list allowing the manager to send up to 100 messages to their team. These go out as individual messages – not as a group text.
  • It is as easy as sending one message via email to [email protected]. Whether it be notice of an all hands team meeting or a “snow” scheduling change.
  • Another example for recruiting is the use of keywords like “Apply”.
  • Anyone texting “apply” to your main number or department number, would get an immediate response directed them to the URL or the  appropriate contact info for the recruiter.