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Dean Garfinkel

Dean Garfinkel
Chief Executive Officer

Angela Garfinkel - Textbetter

Angela Garfinkel
Chief Operating Officer

Nathan Teahan - Textbetter

Nathan Teahan
Vice President

Kelsey Olsen - Textbetter

Kelsey Olsen
Dir., Enhanced Telecom Services

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Our Story

Years ago, we quickly recognized that texting was emerging as a go-to method for instant communication – and not just for young people.

In 2015, 1.9 trillion text messages were exchanged in the U.S.
– that’s more than 4 million texts every minute

So we created a product to give contact centers the ability to send and receive text messages called the Textdesk™. This product allowed contact centers to have real conversations with their customers through texting. Agents didn’t even need to have cell phones to use it!

Based on feedback from clients, we continued to enhance the product with new features. That’s when we came up with the concept of unifying text with an individual’s email….

And our customers loved the idea.

So we set out to create a service that empowers business owners, entrepreneurs & employees to communicate with their customers in a way that their customers want to communicate.

What surprised us the most in developing TextBetter was the realization that we’re not really changing the way people behave. They’ve already been texting business numbers for years (thinking they are mobile numbers). It’s just that the recipients were never getting the messages. These missing messages could easily translate into lost opportunities. This was just as true for us as it was for our customers.

Soon after text enabling our business land lines, we started getting some important messages that we otherwise would have missed. And it made me ask the question, 

How many important messages can any business afford to miss?”

Dean Garfinkel
CEO, TextBetter