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If your phone is not enabled for text to landline, you’re missing out. Missing out on conversations, business, and opportunities.

Text to landline is a convenient way for businesses to send to and receive texts from customers and prospects.  It’s what effective modern communication for business is all about. With text messaging so prevalent in our day-to-day (or minute-by-minute) it makes sense that people are more responsive to texts over an email or a phone call.

Text to landline facilitates seamless communication across all sizes of businesses and industries.

TEXT TO LANDLINEHave more conversations

Campaign Monitor reports that on average 121 business emails are sent and received each day. Think your email gets lost in the mix somewhere? It does. Text to landline provides the ability for customers to read and quickly respond to messages from virtually anywhere, during meetings, lunch, or a football game.

Do more business

It’s not easy to get people on the phone. Thanks to spam we aren’t answering to unknown numbers. However, it is easy to reach people by text, even during work hours. This means you can schedule appointments, send reminders, and reach out quickly with a short succinct message to prompt a subsequent step in a process.

Create opportunities

Text to landline provides another communication choice for your customers, enabling them to decide how they want to engage. Making it easy for customers to get in touch, ask a question, or make an appointment can set your business apart from the competition. Customer relationships will be strengthened by being easily accessible to your customers and providing an experience that customers want. Happy customers mean more opportunities.

TextBetter offers text to landline plans designed for every company. To learn more about our solutions connect with our team today. (800) 322-1112