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I remember the first time I received a text message from a client. It surprised me and then I realized how convenient it was for the client to text me if they were in a meeting or on a conference call and they couldn’t take my call. It surprised me even more to realize that my clients had been trying to text me for a while, but I wasn’t getting the messages because before February 2017, my business landline phone number was not text enabled.

We’re living and working in the age of convenience and speed. And usually speed equals convenience. Giving your customers, clients and business contacts the ease of confirming appointments, communicating quick messages, or sharing quick needed information is a convenience your contacts will appreciate.

Everyone has their mobile phone nearby or on their body. Did you know that 98% of people will answer a text message within 15 minutes? People can’t stand to leave a text message unread or unresponded to. And younger customers, clients and business contacts really don’t like to send and receive messages via email. They prefer text.

Text For Business: Text Enable Your Business Landline

Until now, it was impossible to text enable your business landline. With TextBetter™, your business landline can be text enabled and you can begin sending and receiving text messages. It only takes a few minutes to get started and there is no software to install or devices to set up or manage.

How Do You Text Enable Your Business Landline?

It’s easy. Fill out Start Your Free Trial and provide us with your landline phone number you want text enabled. One of our friendly customer service team members will respond to you and get your started. You only need about 5 to 10 minutes and you can start using the service.

Why is TextBetter™ Best?

First, pricing is very competitive. If you need 1 business telephone number text enabled or 100+ business telephone numbers text enabled, our prices can’t be beat.

TextBetter™ (Text For Business) is easy to get started and to begin using. No special software is needed. Your text enabled phone number will be paired with your email address. Your customers, clients and business contacts will see your text messages just like if you were sending them from your mobile phone.

It is easier to type on a full-sized computer keyboard vs using the tiny keyboard on your smart phone. If you’re using text messaging for your business, you’ll soon tire of typing out messages on a tiny keyboard. Enjoy the ease of typing and sending messages using your full-sized computer keyboard.

Text messages are stored just like email in your computer records. You won’t need to worry about finding an important text message from a customer, client or business contact. Send and receive text messages for your business while resting easy that your text messages are being saved and can be found via search in the future.

Text for Business

Last, it is easier to teach an old dog a different way to do an old trick. I admit, I’m a bit of an old dog and I like having one place where I have all communication with my clients. Using TextBetter™ has given me access to sending and receiving text messages from my business landline without needing to learn any new tricks.