Technical Details

Let’s get technical, introducing a text service that let’s you send & receive texts from your landline number via email

A Simple Solution

TextBetter™ is a patent pending text service which text enables your landline number (also known as landline texting) and allows a user to send and receive text messages from their email. Our Text Service is NOT for sending “mass” text messages. It is only for true 1 to 1 text conversations

How It Works

Send, receive & manage text conversations directly from your email inbox with TextBetter.

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What We Do

TextBetter connects your landline number with your email address by simply pairing the two.

It works with any 11-digit landline telephone number (toll-free & VoIP numbers included), so you can text-enable your existing number, or buy a new one from us.

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Simple. Intuitive. Efficient

It’s easy to understand why any organization would want to tap into business text messaging. – Did you know 98% of text messages are responded to within 10 minutes or less?

Keep Your Contact Information | voice calls and landline texting use the same number …and customers like a single point of contact.

Archive & Search SMS History | Our service guarantees all text communications are searchable and archived.  Stop employees from using their personal cell phones to text your customers. 

Increase Engagement | Customers are already sending text messages.  Are you getting them?

Increase Market Share | Younger generations prefer communicating through texting.


Subscribers can easily create a text enabled landline phone number from any number, including their main business number or their employees’ direct numbers (DIDs) to send and receive SMS Text messages.  Our landline text service works seamlessly with your existing telephone system and carrier. The best part is no changes will be made to your telephone system or telephone carrier!  Your telephone number(s) can be text enabled and you can be sending/receiving text messages in less than 30 minutes right from your existing email account.  Our landline text service lets you send and receive text messages using your own email account. No software to configure or install.


In order to get the ball rolling, you will need to sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA), giving TextBetter permission to take control of the texting function of your phone numbers. There will be absolutely no changes to your existing phone service or bill. Your voice services remain ‘as is’.

Along with the LOA, for each phone number you want to text enable, you will provide TextBetter with a unique email address that will be associated with each phone number. Text messages will be sent directly to and from the email address associated with each phone number. The TextBetter user will be able to send and receive text messages directly from their email account. We also need the first and last name for each phone number that is being set up for TextBetter.


Within 30 minutes of submitting the information in step 1, your business phone number(s) will be text enabled and you are ready to start communicating with your customers and prospects by text.

To send a text message open up whatever email client you use to send email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

In the To: enter your customers telephone number in 11 digits, followed by


For example: [email protected] would send a text message to (516) 656-5111

Leave the subject line blank and type your message in the body of the email.  If you subscribe to MMS and want to send a picture simply attach the image (will only be sent as an attachment) to the email.

Don’t worry about your signature block. When sending your text message, our text service will use the sender’s first name to help determine the end of the text message and avoid sending your signature block. It also looks for keyword salutations like “regards” as an end to your text message.

The TextBetter text service will split up the “sent” email message into separate 160 character messages and send each in order.


When someone sends a text message to your “text enabled business landline phone number”, it will be delivered to the inbox of the associated email address you provided.

This is how it would appear in your inbox:

Incoming Text Message No Phone Book

If the sender is in your company phone book, here is how it would appear in your inbox:

Incoming Text Message Phone Book

To continue the conversation, click “reply” and type your message.  Then press “Send”.


Each company has the ability to save contacts in the Company Phone Book.  This is included in all plans!

When receiving a text, the name of your client will appear in the subject line instead of the phone number (if the contact is entered in your Phone Book)

Incoming Text Message Phone Book

There are two ways to update the Company Phone book:

  1.  Login to with the PhoneBook User credentials and enter the first name, last name, and phone number for any contact.  You can do this one at a time or upload a spreadsheet,
  2. OR, when you receive a text message, click on the link “ADD to Company Phone Book” and enter the first name and last name associated with the phone number.  The next text that you receive a text from this person the message will display their name.

Solutions for Developers

For Our Solution Providers and Developer community we offer web interface that concurrently works with easy to use API’s and their endpoints making testing a breeze.


TextBetter will automatically respond to any text messages with a pre-determined automated reply message.  This is available for both Business and Enterprise TextBetter users.  For each text enabled number, set up as many unique messages as needed, based on any day of the week and any time period  of the day.

No need to be worried about answering text messages after business hours or on days that the business is not open.  The auto response that is sent during business hours could be designed to acknowledge the text was received and will be responded to within 30 minutes, for example.


Customer calling and asking the same question? Allow customers to self-service by setting up specific keywords for your business.  Simple inquiries such as what hours the business is open could be replied to automatically with a pre-determined message.

Create your own keywords such as “apply” to send back a URL for the person to apply for a job with the company.  Allow the system to respond to these easy inquiries to frees up your staffs time to respond to more complex business questions.

Create as many keywords as you want, specific to your business and customers.


Any text sent to keyword “Stop” or “Unsubscribe” will result in that number being blocked in your account. TextBetter recognizes opt-outs, across all plans, by honoring these request automatically.

Company administrators (Business and Enterprise plans) have access to their Do Not Text List.

This will prevent anyone in your company from sending a text message to that phone number thru the TextBetter Basic, Business and Enterprise  applications.  No need to be worried about employees sending text messages to someone who does not want to receive them a second time.


TextBetter distribution list(s) makes engaging with employee easy. Whether it is to send a snow emergency message or advise of a mandatory company meeting using this feature is easy.

Create a list of employee/team phone numbers for internal communications. The distribution list does NOT send these messages as a group text.  Each recipient will receive their own individual text message.  No longer will you need to send the same text message to 20 people or create an annoying group text message.

Once your list is set up, type your message and send it to: [email protected]

Up to 100 recipients are allowed in a distribution list. The distribution lists are unique to each text enabled number allowing managers to easily communicate with its’ own team.


We provide the number, you pick the area code.  Along with providing you with a new phone number to start texting, we also help you manage any incoming calls you might get at the new number

A – Forward Calls – We can forward any incoming calls to whatever number you would like (additional cost).

B – Go straight to Voicemail – If you would like to allow the person to leave a voicemail, we can set up a voicemail box which will email the voice message (included).

C – Play a recording –  If you don’t want to forward the number or allow the person to leave a voicemail, we will play the following message to the caller: “This is a TextBetter number and only accepts text messages”. (included)

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SMS marketing made easy, with TextBetterSend a personalized texts hundreds of recipients at once, like appointment reminders & special announcements.

Our SMS Marketing Wizard instantly sends a personalized text to each recipient individually, creating a 1:1 conversation that is private and easily managed. And when someone replies, we'll convert their SMS into an email and delivered it right back to your inbox.

How It Works

1. Upload Your File: using our online portal, you can easily upload your list of recipients and desired message. File type must be csv. or txt.; you can view a sample file, here.


2. Tell Us Your Email: 30 minutes after your job is completed, our SMS Marketing Wizard will automatically email a delivery report to this address. The report confirms when the job is complete and tells you if any of your telephone numbers were invalid*

* (most landlines, and many VoIP numbers, do not accept text. In these scenarios, our delivery report will identify these numbers as 'invalid' and forward you the results; giving you the power to pick the right medium for your message, and ensure it's delivered).

3. Click Send! Within minutes, your personalized message is delivered. And when someone replies, we'll convert their SMS into an email and deliver it right back to your inbox. We automatically handle opt-outs... and, did we mention replies are free?

Pricing Info

>> Pay-as-you-go: text as many numbers as like, for just $0.04 a message. No contracts, no hidden fees and no fine print. Replies are free, and we automatically handle out-opts for you | For Business & Enterprise customers only.
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