Why Use Landline Text Messaging to Reach Your Customers

Landline text messaging has significantly grown in adoption and usage regardless of the size of business. In the past, businesses only used texts for marketing purposes, to promote a product or an event. Today, the most successful businesses are using landline text messaging as part of their non promotional communication strategy with customers and prospects.

Landline text messaging is a fast and easy way for you to reach your customers and for your customers to reach you and your business. Leveraging text as a communication provides a more effective and convenient option for engagement.

There are a number of communication channels available to reach and connect with customers. Social media is certainly a powerful resource but not always effective in one on one communication. There’s the option to call the business line but chances are, you’ll probably be leaving a voicemail. Sending an email is great but they aren’t read instantly. With 97% of text messages opened and responded to in 15 minutes or less, it makes complete sense that consumers today are pointing to the fact that they’d rather text with a business than anything else. This is where landline text messaging comes in to play.

Use Landline Text Messaging to Reach Your Customers

Here are 5 reasons why landline text messaging works well for businesses:


In the United States, there is an arguable obsession with all things convenient both in our professional and personal lives. With Door Dash, Amazon and telecommuting as a few examples, as a general population we prefer and expect things to be convenient.  One of the most important considerations when it comes to your business, is the ability for your customers to engage with you how they actually want to. Landline text messaging allows your customers to go and do what they want, while carrying on a conversation or engaging with your business at the same time. The bottom line, it’s convenient.

Faster engagement

Text messaging is far more direct than using any other type of communication. No matter what type of industry you work in, the good ol’ game of phone tag is certainly not effective. Crossing your fingers and hoping an email that was sent to someone doesn’t get caught in a filter is just not efficient. With current business practices, the best way to get a response from customers is to just send a text. It’s certainly a more effective medium and by nature encourages faster engagement from the recipient. Landline text messaging provides a seamless way for customers to text your business and for you to text your customers.

It’s the norm

Texting is both widely and easily accessible, which is why it is such an effective tool for communication. Everyone knows precisely how to use it and there isn’t a wide generational gap in text usage like there one was. Messages are seen and read in a matter of minutes. The general population is certainly more accustomed to receiving texts from other people than personal contacts, thanks to newer marketing technologies.

For a business to engage in both sending and receiving texts from customers, landline text messaging is simple and straightforward. Texts are sent from the email business or individual employee uses and the messages are delivered to the recipients’ cell phones in real time. When the recipient responds, it is funneled right into the email inbox.

It’s preferred

When it comes to communicating, it’s fair to say that most of the population you’d engage with as a business would rather type than talk. There is something to texts that we really prefer; we’d rather type short replies to short messages, than long replies to lengthy emails. The fact is, texts are short and are intended to the point across faster than in an email. They’re not all that involved, unlike emails, or phone calls. The simplicity that landline text messaging provides translates to flexibility. A text can quickly read and responded to from virtually anywhere. During the commute, over lunch and even in other meetings.    

Customer experience

Texting is the most efficient way to give your customers the experience they prefer and demand. Providing the option for customers to choose to send a message to you via landline text messaging or another communication method enables the customer to choose which method is best for handling their issue or concern. Texting is quick and convenient – just what consumers want.

Ultimately, landline text messaging is the fastest, most direct and efficient way to reach your audience. It’s flexible and provides another communication option for your customers. You already know the results texting gets, so why not incorporate texting into your business?

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