Importance of archiving texts with your business texting service

Text messages have long been a staple in the way we personally communicate with others. With the increased acceptance and use of mobile devices in business, organizations have turned to using a business texting service as a way to help foster more intimate relationships, streamline processes, and enable their teams with a proven method of communicating. Along with these key benefits, businesses have record of all communications between their company and customers. Why is this record important?

A few key reasons are:

Maintain access to critical business information

What happens when an employee leaves your organization? They take all of the tribal knowledge around the customer with them, not to mention their communication details that only reside in their mobile device. Using a business texting service allows all communication to be captured and archived in accordance with your record keeping policies.


Using a business texting service helps your company control the narrative and allows for transparency between the person sending the message and everyone else in the organization. When employees use their personal devices to send and receive texts, there is no view into what is being sent or said. There is no insight into the two-way dialogue that is taking place between the customer and the employee which represents your organization.

Access to older content

In the scenario where an employee leaves an organization, having an archived record of all text communications is imperative. A quick way to lose trust with a customer and potentially damage a relationship is not understanding relevant information that pertains to them or their situation. A business texting service is a solution that enables organizations a seamless way to capture text conversations with all customers in a very familiar way…. through email.

Using email to communicate via text

A business texting service uses email as the vehicle to communicate with customers. The customer receives the information sent as a text message, in the way that they are accustomed to. Businesses can send and receive attachments via text, such pictures, as well. With continuity being so important for customers, they’ll find assurance in using the same business phone number they are familiar with to communicate via text. This can be the main business phone line or an employee phone line. The point is, the customer has zero disruption on their end, just the ability to text the business which they’ll appreciate.

About us

TextBetter™ is a business-texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise. ab

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