Text Messaging Service Business – A Practical Guide

There are many text services available on the market. Text messaging for business is particularly challenging because there is no easy way to use a business landline telephone device to send and receive text messages. The phone on the desk doesn’t have a keypad or digital display that easily allows for text messaging use in the day to day operation of a business.

Some companies have tried using web based or desktop application for text messaging, some are using an application on their mobile phone, and some are using their personal cell phone numbers to send and receive text messages forwarding screen shots to email to save, but none of those options are as desirable by corporate America as TextBetter™.

Text messaging for Business

Text Messaging For Business

Why is TextBetter™ superior to the other text messaging for business services available in the market?

Before answering that, here is a quick summary of how TextBetter™ works. With TextBetter™, business owners and employees can get their existing landline telephone number or DID text enabled without changing their phone carrier.

We simply text enable your business phone number(s) or DID and pair the phone number with your email address. Your email is just the tool that lets you send and receive the text messages.

Texting from your business number is as simple as sending an email and the receiver of your message will get a text message that is from your business phone number. When you receive a text message from a customer, prospect or other contact, it will show up in your email, giving you a quick way to respond to the sender.

Text Messaging for Business message

TextBetter™ Vs Web-based Texting

TextBetter™ is superior to using a web-based application for sending and receiving text messages for your business.

First, with a web-based application, in order to send/receive text messages, you have to have a web browser open. That means another program running in the background, slowing down your computer.

Secondly, you will have to login to the application, so now you have to remember another name and password. And hopefully the application doesn’t timeout without you knowing it or else you could be missing a lot of very important text messages.

Last, it is difficult for a web browser to notify you when a new text message has arrived. Popup blockers and ad blockers could affect how well notifications work. Since browsers are constantly being updated, you may come in one day and not be alerted to client texts.

TextBetter works using your existing email. No separate web-application is needed.

TextBetter™ Vs Desktop Software

TextBetter™ is superior to using desktop software for sending and receiving text messages for your business.

When installing text services software on your computer, depending on company size and protocols, you may be blocked by company I.T. policy from downloading and installing software on a company owned computer. Who needs to sign off and how long would it take IT to either allow access or download and install it themselves?

Second, there may be an issue with company firewalls that will need to be sorted out with IT.

Last, similar to a web based application, the program would need to be running on the computer in order for the text messages to be received, which means slowing down the computer, even if just a little. In some cases, a separate server will need to be set up to archive the company text messages. TextBetter™ works using your email. No software or downloads are needed and every company is already archiving their email.

TextBetter™ Vs Mobile Application

TextBetter™ is superior to a mobile application for text messaging for business. Many people report App Fatigue. Too many apps on the cell phone. Power drain issues. Having to leave open another app to text for my business doesn’t seem like the best approach. All mobile devices already have an email app running. TextBetter™ works using your email. No additional app is needed.

Make Text Messaging For Business Easy

Most businesses these days are built around using email as a primary communications tool. Employees send emails all the time.

Being able to send an email and have it convert to a text message means there is no need for a web-based application, no need for a desktop application (except for the existing email client already in use) and no need for a mobile app (which also has an email app running). Since email is already archived company wide, your text messages would automatically be included.

Text messages can be archived to CRMs as easily as email. You would not need to deal with IT in order to have software downloaded and installed on your machine.

Using a text service to communicate with employees, customers, prospects and others is becoming normal practice. Your business phone number may be getting text messages today and you’re not receiving them. Try turning up our TextBetter™ service today and see how much easier it is to communicate with the world.