Landline texting leads to positive customer experience

This past week I was thinking a lot about customer experience and what that means from both a customer and business standpoint. From the lens of a consumer, it was pretty easy to recall interactions to classify both good experiences as well as a negative one. When I evaluate my personal interactions with businesses, I can’t really say that a good customer experience is high on the list of what I noticed in my interactions. These businesses weren’t really providing a way for me to engage with them the way that I’d like to, or the way most consumers would want to. Our primary form of communication today is text. Why aren’t companies leveraging the power of landline texting to create a world class customer experience?

Landline texting is the easiest and the most expedient way for people to connect. It’s also the medium that feels the most natural to consumers. Given the fact we text way more than we email or call in our personal lives, it makes sense that businesses adopt texting as a form of communication to interact with customers. Leveraging landline texting as a staple in communications leads to an overall improved customer experience.

Why use landline texting?

Text is easy

Your customers are already very comfortable with text as they use it in their personal lives. Chances are other businesses your customers are engaged with are texting them. Most people would much rather communicate via text message than on the phone or over email. It’s a lot less intrusive and a much more efficient way to engage as it can be done on your customers time and when it’s convenient for them. Landline texting is easy to incorporate in your processes.

Why use landline texting?

Text offers a competitive advantage

Landline texting provides another way your customers can reach you and address challenges, asking questions or looking for an update. By offering more options for your customers to engage with you, your customers are able to communicate with you in the way they prefer or that is convenient for them. This helps your business stand out from your competition by providing options for what works for them.

Text is efficient

Once a customer asks a question via text, they can continue with what they were doing, knowing they’ll receive a text notification once they receive an answer. The convenience of landline texting enables your business to become more efficient as responses are managed from your email inox.

How to use landline texting?

Text for appointments and reminders

Leverage the immediacy and brevity that text offers to schedule, reschedule and send reminder for appointments. Businesses have found that by appointments are kept as they are more top of mind. Landline texting also makes rescheduling a breeze as it helps minimize no shows. With text being fast and convenient, a quick text communicating the need to reschedule is likely to occur. Fewer no show appointments help keep your team on track and productive.

Text for upsell

Landline texting provides you the chance to organically upsell. As the business relationship evolves with your customers, offer add-ons and upgrades to their existing purchases with a quick text, when it makes sense. An amplified customer experience is demonstrated as tailored products and services are offered to your customers based on your intimate knowledge of their account and relationship with your business.

Text for questions

Landline texting provides a seamless way to have simple questions answered. By allowing multiple options for customers to communicate with you, customers feel empowered to choose the option that is best for them. Not every question or issue that a customer has requires a lengthy email or phone call. They may also choose to ask time sensitive questions that they wouldn’t want to ask over email as they may not have time to wait for a reply.

How to notify customers they can text you

Once you are engaged with a landline texting provider, make sure customers know they can text you at the same number they are accustomed to. Put it on your website, external business listings and make sure to include it on your email signature. Social media is also a quick and easy way to let customers know the additional ways available to communicate with your business.

Customer experience has such a profound impact on businesses. Creating and obsessing over creating a great customer experience is especially critical in the digital age we are in today. Providing landline texting as an option for our customers to ultimately choose how to engage with us is a simple way to impact customer experience for the better.

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