How Law Firms Use Business Texting

In 2016 there were 1,315,561 attorneys in the U.S., according to the ABA. That is a lot of competition, what makes you stand out from other law firms? “Reaching our consumer clients can be painful” claims leading defense attorney, Ohio. How can you best communicate in a way that your clients want to communicate? The answer is to text enable your business landline telephone numbers!

–1.6 Trillion text messages were sent in 2016–

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Millennials have hit the stage – cash in hand, buying homes, starting businesses, creating trusts basically living life. They don’t like telephone calls and are reasonably ok with email. What they love is texting. If your law firm plans on growing you must join 2017 and start to communicate with millennials by texting. Every attorney has an office, desk desk, email, voice mail and direct telephone number. Why doesn’t their direct telephone number also handle texting? With today’s technology adding texting, utilizing existing email to send and receive is pretty simple. All those text conversations that occur on personal cell phones is not good risk management. By using the law firm’s email to send and receive text messages lets law firms easily archive these conversations in the email. These systems are already in place.

TextBetter™ has created a way to text enable any business phone number. The service uses your existing email to send and receive the actual text messages. There is no software to install or configure (known as cloud texting). This allows you to text with your clients in their preferred method, but still keep your privacy by not giving out your personal cell number

Below are just a few ways our law firms are business texting:

  • Scheduling appointments – your client can text in requesting an appointment vs. calling and waiting on hold. End the phone tag game and allow your clients to text you (they probably have already tried to do so).
  • Appointment or court date reminders – bottom line is your clients are busy. A simple text reminder can greatly reduce the number of late or missed appointments. Your clients will appreciate the quick, easy, top of mind way to remember their appointment with your firm.
  • Client Reminders – remind clients of important deadlines and dates
  • Document reminders – request documents or send a text to remind clients to stop in and sign documents.

All text conversations are archived in your existing email account for future reference. This keeps all of your client communications in one place.

Law firms love using the auto responder to send a disclaimer at the beginning of each text conversation.

TextBetter has created a way to bridge the communication gap and provide a way to communicate better, quicker and faster, Plus, you wont have to download any software or make any changes to your existing phone carrier. It is 2017 after all! To text enable your law firm’s telephone number quickly and start texting with your clients, call or text us at 800 322-1112 today.

Get started for as little as $19.95 per month, 30 minutes to set up. Absolutely no software to configure or install. Start Your Free Trial Now