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Our patent pending TextBetter™ service was built in the cloud and is a true enterprise texting solution. Our service leverages your existing technology infrastructure making for a simple deployment. By putting the texting application in the cloud and leveraging your existing corporate email server to send and receive all of your companies text messaging, our cloud texting solution solves for all of the same issues you had to put into place to manage your companies email. Easy iteration with bots or CRM’s using our APIs.

Since all text messages will go through your email server, each and every text message will be searchable like email. In addition your existing email server back up technology handles the archiving of every message whether text or email. Finally because the text messages are sent and received through email, these messages can be easily archived to CRM’s like Salesforce or SugarCRM the same way employee’s save their emails to contacts or opportunities.

So unlike many other text services TextBetter doesn’t use applications that run on the desktop or on another server. TextBetter also doesn’t need to establish a connection through your fire wall so you can archive text messages. There is no need to deploy additional applications to allow the searching of these archived text messages. This is why unlike all other services ours is a true cloud texting solution for the enterprise.

If your company runs an application to optically archive messages, randomly review content, etc – you have invested heavily in your email system to comply. Since TextBetter sends and receives 100% of all text messages through your email  you are immediately compliant.

Good questions to consider. Do you have a record of every texting conversation your employee have? What happens when they leave – with their cell phone? So much of today’s “communicating” between clients and employees is by texting. Not having a record of these communications when employees leave is no longer acceptable. Company’s need their historical sales and fulfillment communications in addition to the obvious legal and risk mitigation reasons.

Get the right plan for your cloud texting needs:

Text or call: (800) 322-1112

    • Team
    • $33 per month
    • Includes 2 users
      Additional users $15/mo
      Up to 5 users
    • Our most basic plan
      designed for small teams,
      up to 5 users or less
    • Core Features
    • ✔ Use existing numbers
      toll-Free & VoIPs included
    • ✔Company-wide opt-out list
    • ✔ CRM Integration
    • ✔ Treat text like business email
    • Our Most Popular Plan
    • Business
    • $97 per month
    • Includes 8 users
      Additional users $10/mo
      Up to 1,000 users
    • For small & midsize companies
      looking for a simple way
      to start texting
    • Everything In Team, Plus
    • ✔ Company-wide phone book
    • ✔ Automated responses
    • ✔ Distribution list
    • ✔ Self-Administration
    • ✔ On demand reporting
    • ✔ Text multiple recipients at once
    • Enterprise
    • Contact Us
    • Unlimited users
      Volume discounts
    • For large companies
      that need premium customization & support
    • Everything In Business, Plus
    • ✔ Personalized branding
    • ✔ Custom Integrations & API support
    • ✔ Tailored solutions
    • ✔ Test environment & developer console

    No downloads to install or configure – 100% cloud based

    Easy to use from anywhere and on any device

    Your employee will use your existing company email to send/receive text messages from your main business phone numbers. All text messages will automatically be saved and be searchable in your exchange server.

    Get the right plan for your cloud texting needs:

    Text or call: (800) 322-1112


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