Business Text Messaging: How Does It Work?

When was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter to a business? Does that concept seem a little foreign? How about sending an email to a business? I’d even say sending emails can seem a little outdated as so many businesses have adopted business text messaging as part of their communication process. Let’s be real as it relates to messaging…it’s how we as a population communicate today. This goes beyond personal correspondence and is true for businesses as well.

Using text messaging as a business is an instantaneous way to communicate with customers. We know that emails get lost or filtered out, the phone tag game is exhausting, and voicemails just aren’t returned with any urgency. Businesses today are using text messaging because it works. From appointment reminders to resolving potential issues to real-time back and forth dialogue when it’s convenient for your clients, there truly isn’t anything more effective than using business text messaging in the cadence of communication. 

We receive a lot of questions about business text messaging, its effectiveness and how it works. Here is a brief 90 second video that helps explain these questions…

Business text messaging explained by TextBetter

Text messaging is such a convenient, immediate and simple channel of communication that everyone is familiar with. This is exactly why your business should begin using text messaging as a way to connect with your audience. So, the question is, are you going to stay in 2005 or will you join the hundreds of other businesses using TextBetter to effectively communicate with their customers the way they prefer? 

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service seamlessly integrates with your business, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: Teams, Business or Enterprise.