8 Advantages of Landline Texting for Business

Landline texting for business is a fantastic way to communicate and reach your customers. This provides a seamless customer experience as text messaging is a natural choice in communications for both personal and business use.

Since our phones are used for just about everything we do these days…watching movies, tracking our exercise, playing games, sharing photos and video, and yes, sometimes it’s used for a phone conversation. Landline texting for business is really just the next step in the evolution of customer-focused priorities for any business.

So, what is landline texting?

Landline texting for business enables businesses of all sizes, markets, and industries to both send and receive text messages using their respective email client as the vehicle for both sending and receiving texts. This is done without making any changes to the carrier settings or without having to download or make changes to existing software.

Think it sounds complicated? It’s not.

TextBetter connects your landline number with your email address by simply pairing the two.

It works with any 11-digit number (toll-free & VoIP numbers included), so you can use your existing telephone number and get set-up in minutes. There are no hidden fees, contracts or downloads. Simple, right?

Landline texting for business

Advantages for businesses using landline texting

  1. Growth: Landline texting for business to increase customer loyalty by making it faster and easier and provides an overall seamless experience for customers to connect with your business. As a result, fewer after-hours voicemails and emails will be sent due to the simplicity and ease that text messaging provides. 
  2. Increased productivity: Landline texting for business is a key component in helping businesses and individual employees become more efficient as it is increasingly difficult to connect with a prospect. Text messaging helps eliminate the possibility of not reaching contacts or prospects or potentially losing sales to the exhausting phone tag game. Landline texting for business by TextBetter works with any email client, so you can use your existing email address to send and receive texts. And because you manage text conversations directly from your inbox, all conversations are archived and searchable in one place!
  3. Compliance: Given that all communications are searchable, accessible due to the archived nature of emails, this inherently limits the potential risk associated with an employee sending a text message that isn’t able to be reviewed or monitored. A unified communications channel limits the risks associated with employees sending confidential messages from their personal phones. 
  4. Set up is easy: The TextBetter landline texting service for business makes it simple and easy to get started. This integrates seamlessly with your existing telephone system, carrier, and can sync with CRM’s.
  5. Use the same number:  Instead of requiring separate numbers for “text us” and “call us,” companies can provide one general “contact us” number that is text to landline enabled that can be included on business cards, advertising and your website. Customers can use the same number for an initial text, and then follow up with a voice call later if they want to seek more details or resolve a customer service issue.
  6. Customer preferences: When it comes to communicating, it’s fair to say that most of the population you’d engage with as a business would rather type than talk. There is something to texts that we really prefer; we’d rather type short replies to short messages, than long replies to lengthy emails. The fact is, texts are short and are intended to the point across faster than in an email. They’re not all that involved, unlike emails, or phone calls. The simplicity that landline texting for business provides translates to flexibility. A text can quickly read and responded to from virtually anywhere. During the commute, over lunch and even in other meetings.   
  7. Immediate responses: With 97% of text messages opened and responded to in 15 minutes or less, With current business practices, the best way to get a response from customers is to just send a text. It’s certainly a more effective medium and by nature encourages faster engagement from the recipient. Landline texting for business provides a seamless way for customers to text your business and for you to text your customers
  8. Increased efficiency:  It is much easier to have several conversations taking place at once when using landline texting for business as companies can helping or interacting with several customers at once. It’s good for the customers, who can receive personalized service without waiting long, and for service staff, who can help several people at once.

How to get started with landline texting for business from TextBetter

Pick Your Plan

Whether you’re a team of 5 or a company of 5,000 – we have a plan that’s right for you. Our plans are flexible, affordable and designed to give you everything you need and a little more.

Learn about landline texting for business

Send Us Your User Information

Simply send us an email with the name, email address and landline number for each user so we can get started on account set-up. Text messages will be sent directly to and from the email address associated with each phone number. The TextBetter user will be able to send and receive text messages directly from their email account. 

Verify Your Number

Once we’ve called you on your landline and authenticated your telephone number, we’ll text-enable each user by pairing their landline number with their email account. The entire pairing process takes just a few minutes, without any downloads, applications or new software to install.

Start Texting

Once you get an email confirming that set-up is complete, you’re ready to start texting!

It’s not surprise that more and more organizations are choosing to integrate landline texting for business in their outreach and communication strategies. It is a convenient, immediate and simple channel of communication that everyone is familiar with. 

Ready to get started? Call us today!

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service seamlessly integrates with your business, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: Teams, Business or Enterprise