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Text messaging has grown to become such a core part of the way we interact with each other, both personally and professionally. So why doesn’t every company use email to text as another method of communication? Even though text messaging is such an integral part of our day to day lives, there are businesses that have heartburn over the thought of texting their customers.

Use text to email

We’ve found over the years that the heartburn is simply due to not understanding the details. Here are some reasons keeping businesses from using email to text customers:

  • The length of time implementation will take and what integration into current systems and workflows will look like.
  • They are unsure of how text messaging will impact customer satisfaction or the customer’s perception of sending a text message vs. an email.
  • Business owners also worry if their staff will use text messaging appropriately and if they will have insight into the communication being sent.

The TextBetter team wanted to share some of the reasons our customers decided to use email to text and some of the results they’ve seen.

 First things first

 Let’s talk about the basic functionality that makes it possible to use email to text.

TextBetter uses a patented solution where 2-Way Email to SMS Gateway – a unique pairing process – to transmit text messages to and from your existing landline number(s). This pairing process connects the email and the direct landline number together. Once that process is complete, the ability to send, receive & manage text conversations directly from your email inbox is active.

When an email is sent to a recipient’s mobile phone, TextBetter converts the email into a text message and to deliver it, with the landline number that was paired to the email, listed as the sender. When the recipient replies, it converts the text into an email that flows right back to your inbox.

The process is pretty simple. And because you manage text conversations directly from your existing email client, with TextBetter, there is nothing to download or install.

Using email to text is easy, intuitive, and reliable

The time spent on smartphones has grown year over year. Based on current trending, Statista estimates U.S. adults will spend just under 4 hours daily by the end of 2020. Most consumers usually have their mobile device within arm’s reach which makes communicating a breeze.


Text messaging is the norm. It’s the preferred method of communication. Use email to text customers to engage them in a more personal and direct manner. Appointment reminders, confirmations, providing quick information, or asking a question are all appropriate ways to use email to text and engage with your customers. Our customers share that customer engagement increased substantially when they began to use email to text customers.

Use text to email


The nature of text messaging is completely intuitive. There isn’t any ambiguity on the customer or employee end.

From a technology standpoint, TextBetter is a plug and play service. There are no downloads or installs required. This means that employees won’t have to bounce from one system to the next to use email to text customers. Texting is done in the email client that they work in… day in and day out.

Our customers appreciate our straightforward approach to business text messaging. With virtually no training required, they were able to implement and use right away.

Curious? Go ahead and see for yourself No credit card required.


Spam folders are not necessarily best friends with email. In fact, it’s reported that 55% of all emails sent are sent to spam. As a business, how can you be assured your email actually was received and read and not hanging out in the spam folder of the recipient?

Text messaging offers high rates of deliverability. Text is a reliable form of communication. According to Smart Insights, one of the greatest benefits is that text message marketing is direct and immediate. In particular, text message marketing offers a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery, making it one of the best methods of marketing with minimal costs. Not only will most customers read your messages almost immediately, but 45% of mobile marketing campaigns generate a successful ROI.

TextBetter customers know that text is a reliable communication method based on their personal lives. They appreciate the reliability that TextBetter provides in the service and functionality of our business text messaging solution.

Use email to text your customers with TextBetter

We make it easy to send & receive texts from your existing landline number.

  • Text messages can be archived and synced with CRM’s.
  • Text conversations threaded.
  • There is no significant change to any internal processes
  • Existing email accounts are used to send and receive text messages.

If you’re still experiencing heartburn contemplating the use of email to text your customers, reach out to us. We’d love to chat with you.

About TextBetter

TextBetter provides business texting solutions that make it easy for businesses to send and receive text messages using their landline number(s). The cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into existing business models, without having to download or install new software. Businesses of all sizes are served through three distinct product offerings; TextBetter Team, TextBetter Business, and TextBetter Enterprise. More information about the company and services can be found at  www.textbetter.com.