Virtual Textbetter

Virtual TextBetter

Use email to send texts
from your landline number

Simply email a recipient’s mobile phone number (followed by
& press send.

TextBetter converts your email into a text message & delivers it with your landline number listed as sender.

Simple, right?

Text-enable your main line

Or as many direct lines as you need.

Use from anywhere, & any device

Easy to use from anywhere and on any device.

Exchange picture messages

Send & receive pictures through your email.

Save SMS history

Texts are automatically saved
& searchable in your exchange server.

Treat texts like email

Users can archive texts, read conversation
threads, search text history and more.

Cloud-based solution

No downloads, no applications &
no software installs – 100% cloud-based.

What We Do

TextBetter connects your landline number with your email address by simply pairing the two.

It works with any 11-digit landline telephone number (toll-free & VoIP numbers included), so you can text-enable your existing number, or buy a new one from us.

Landline texting solutions built for companies of all sizes,
pick the plan that’s right for you

Simple. Intuitive. Efficient

It’s easy to understand why any organization would want to tap into business text messaging. – Did you know 98% of text messages are responded to within 10 minutes or less?

Keep Your Contact Information | voice calls and landline texting use the same number …and customers like a single point of contact.

Archive & Search SMS History | Our service guarantees all text communications are searchable and archived.  Stop employees from using their personal cell phones to text your customers. 

Increase Engagement | Customers are already sending text messages.  Are you getting them?

Increase Market Share | Younger generations prefer communicating through texting.

Solutions for Developers

For Our Solution Providers and Developer community we offer web interface that concurrently works with easy to use API’s and their endpoints making testing a breeze.

Virtual TextBetter

We can provide you with a number that you can use to send and receive text messages. No need to give out your personal cell number. We call this our Virtual TextBetter service. You pick the area code and we provide the number.


Add a Second telephone number to your cellphone

Don’t give out your personal number anymore.

We provide the number, you pick the area code

No software to download or install – cloud based

Use your existing email account to send/receive text messages from your new virtual phone number.

  • Unlimited SMS texting USA & Canada
  • Add unlimited MMS (picture) texting USA & Canada – additional $5/month
  • Complete conversation thread  in every email makes this too simple
  • 15 minutes to activate

and Voice  Calls:

  • Handle incoming calls by either;
    • answering with a message
    • voicemail messages sent to your email, or
    • forwarding calls to a different phone number (An additional $5 per month)

You choose!


per month, per telephone number.

Month to Month. No free trial with this service

A credit card is required for this service.Need Virtual Number



Don’t give out your personal cell phone number!

This new number will support both text and voice calls.
We provide the number – You pick the area code.

This is especially handy for those folks who use their cell phone device for work but don’t want calls from clients after hours.

The number we assign to you will have all of the TextBetter text functionality. Our Cloud Texting Service creates your virtual office.

In addition we handle all voice calls made back to this number. You get to choose;

  • Option 1 – Play a recording, hang up: “This is a TextBetter number and only accepts text messages”. This option is included in the monthly fee.
  • Option 2 – Callers go to Voicemail: You record your own greeting. Actual voice mail messages are sent immediately upon receipt to your email. This option is included in the monthly fee.
  • Option 3 – Call Forwarding: If you want to answers these calls, we can easily forward the calls to any number that you prefer so that you can handle the call appropriately. (Additional $5.00 fee per month for this feature).
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