How Veterinary Clinics Use Business Texting

In 2016 1.6 Trillion text messages were sent. Yes “trillion”. So you have to ask yourself when opening your veterinary clinic “How will my clients contact the clinic?” In addition to email and telephone you need for today’s market business texting for your veterinary clinic. Most people like to either call or text for urgency and convenience. Rarely does a consumer call in advance for a check up. Usually they need to come in right away. Stand out from your competitors by offering Text.

You can set up your clinic to text in less than 15 minutes for as little as $19.95 per month.

According to the CTIA 94% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes of being sent.

WOW! Email is slow and so 2005. Phone calls require staff – business texting for veterinarians is quick, succinct and clients love communication by texting! What if clients could send text messages to your clinics main number? What if you could send text messages to your clients without using your personal cell phone? If you are looking for answers please keep reading because this article on “how can veterinarians use business texting” is for you.

TextBetter™ has created a way to text enable your business phone number. The service uses your existing email to send and receive the actual text messages. There is no software to install or configure. This is a great alternative to using your personal cell phone for business purposes. This allows you to text with your clients in their preferred method, but still keep your privacy by not giving out your personal cell number

Below are just a few ways our Veterinarian clients are business texting; Typical day veterinarian clinics text.

  • Scheduling appointments – client can text in requesting an appointment vs. calling and waiting on hold.
  • Appointment reminders – bottom line is your clients are busy. A simple text reminder to a client that Fido has a scheduled appointment tomorrow at 10 am can greatly reduce the number of late or missed appointments. Your clients will appreciate the quick, easy, top of mind way to remember their pet’s appointment.
  • Vaccination reminder texts – as the pets doctor you are already keeping track of the schedule for your clients’ pets. Why not remind them of this schedule the way the client prefers to communicate?
  • Grooming reminders – is Fido past due for much needed grooming appointment?
    A simple text reminder may be all the client needs to schedule the next haircut.
  • Pick up reminder – after a procedure simply text your client that their pet is ready to go home. Both the patient and client want to pick up their pet as soon as a procedure is done.

How Veterinary Clinics Use Business TextingAll text conversations are archived in your existing email account for future reference. This keeps all of your client communications in one place.

Veterinarian clinics love using the Keyword Feature. Clients can send in a text message asking “what are your hours”. The keyword “hours” is picked up by the system and automatically responds with a text stating the clinics hours.

Just an FYI the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) does apply to texting. So we recommend that the “client information form” your clinic utilizes contain a few sentences providing the clinic with prior express written consent to call or text a consumer on their cell number (best practice would be any number they give you). A great reference for more information on TCPA is the USA DNC Regulatory Guide. This guide has clearly outlined the TCPA rules for over 10 years.

TextBetter has created a way to bridge the communication gap and provide a way to communicate better, quicker and faster, Plus, you wont have to download any software or make any changes to your existing phone carrier. It is 2017 after all! To text enable your Veterinarian Clinic’s telephone number quickly and start texting with your clients, call or text us at 1800 322-1112 today.

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Pricing Info

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