How Auto Dealerships Use Business Texting

Auto Dealerships are just one of the many industries that are utilizing business texting.

Text Enabling A Landline Business Number

Auto Dealerships are just one of the many industries that are utilizing business texting. According to Auto Alliance, U.S. sales broke the all-time record in 2016, with 17.46 million units sold. That adds up to a lot of customers needing additional service from their car dealership. How do you think your customers prefer to communicate? There were 1.6 Trillion text messages sent in 2016!

The typical salesperson is armed with a desk, email and a direct number. How about text enabling their direct number as well? The more time that elapses between a consumer’s visit to your showroom and test drive the more likely a competitor brand will win. That’s why Auto Dealerships need business texting. Fact is a consumer will avoid a call from your sales person if they haven’t made up their mind. But they will respond to a text. Consumers also feel it is rude to ignore a text. Business texting for Auto dealerships is so important.

“Consumers will respond to a business text and any sales person in a car dealership who masters the art of business texting will get that one additional engagement that can make the difference to close the deal” claims leading sales manager in Boulder Colorado store.

It is so easy to text enable existing telephone numbers for each member of the sales team.

Most people like to either call or text for urgency and convenience. According to CTIA 94% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes of being sent. Email is slow and so 2005. Phone calls require staff – business texting for car dealerships is quick, succinct and consumers love communication by text!

  • What if customers could send text messages to your dealerships main number?
  • What if you could send text messages to your customers without using your personal cell phone?

Learn how auto dealerships are using business texting.

TextBetter™ has created a way to text enable any business phone number. The service uses your existing email to send and receive the actual text messages. There is no software to install or configure. This is a great alternative to using your personal cell phone for business purposes. This allows you to text with your customers in their preferred method, but still keep your privacy by not giving out your personal cell number.

Below are just a few ways our Auto Dealership clients are business texting (also known as landline texting):

Sales Department

  • Follow up with customers in real time.
  • Find out what they are thinking in real time
  • Create that intimate relationship with the consumer – by texting not calling.
  • Quickly share whats available in your inventory
  • Price Quotes
  • Scheduling Test Drives

Service Department

  • Scheduling arrangements for vehicle service – customers can text in requesting an appointment as opposed to calling and waiting on hold.
  • Vehicle service reminders – assist your customers by sending a simple text reminder that a vehicle is scheduled for a routine oil change tomorrow at 8 am. Doing this can greatly reduce the number of late or missed appointments. Your customers will appreciate the quick, easy, and top of mind way to remember to bring their vehicle into the dealership.
  • Pick up reminder – once work on a vehicle has been completed; send a quick text to the customer letting them know they can return to pick up their vehicle.
  • Recall Notices – alert your customers quickly of any recalls notices, much faster than snail mail.


Car dealerships can use the keyword feature. Customers can send in a text message using specific pre-programmed keywords and receive an auto response, such as:

Keyword: “hours”
Response text: “Our hours are 730am-8pm Monday-Saturday. Want to schedule a test drive?

Keyword: “specials”
Response text: “ Brake Replacement-Save $20. Show this text to redeem”

Keyword: “address”
Response text: “123 Happy Street, San Francisco, CA 94105”

All text conversations are archived in your existing email account for future reference. This keeps all of your customer’s communications in one place.

Just an FYI the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) does apply to texting. So we recommend that the “client information form” your dealership utilizes contain a few sentences providing the dealership with prior express written consent to call or text a consumer on their cell number (best practice would be any number they give you). A great reference for more information on TCPA is the USA DNC Regulatory Guide. This guide has clearly outlined the TCPA rules for over 10 years.

TextBetter has created a way to bridge the communication gap and provide a way to communicate with your customers the way they prefer. To text enable your Car Dealership’s business telephone number quickly and start texting with your customers call or text us at 1800 322-1112 today.

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