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Business Texting for Accounting - Cartoon Accountant Tools

Business Texting For Accountants

Accountants work thru some crazy and unpredictable hours, especially during audits or tax season. Nothing is more painful then following up with your clients to get their forms and other information needed to complete returns. Using clients personal email or attempting to call them, especially while they are at work, is extremely painful.

The latest craze is to use texting. Accounting firms have found business texting (also known as cloud texting) to be the fastest and most effective method of communicating with their clients. Think about it, your clients will send and receive text messages no matter what time of day it is or wherever they might be. I am not endorsing giving out your personal cell phone number. In fact most accountants refuse this practice because clients have a way of calling after hours, which is after their work hours, all the time. Using a real business texting service for accountants to text better is the way to go. Text enable your accounting firms main number or if each of your accountants have a direct telephone number, text enable those.

The TextBetter application lets you send and receive text messages from your accounting firms email. Without installing any software in a matter of minutes you can be sending and receiving text messages form your existing inbox. This forces all your text messages to archive with your emails which provides a very slick and simple way to incorporate text messaging in your Outlook (or any other Email Client).

Text in general is not a secure way of transmitting personal information so intentionally the service doesn’t allow pictures or attachments. Additionally an auto responder will send your clients a disclaimer automatically during the first interaction of any new conversation.
According to the CTIA, 97% of text messages are opened in less than 15 minutes. This stat alone proves that texting is a great method of communication for businesses. Consumers love texting! It can take multiple phone calls, voicemails, and callbacks to reach a client to schedule an appointment. Save all that time and simply send a business text from your main business phone number.

In summary TextBetter™ has created a way to text enable any business phone number in 15 minutes or less. The service uses your existing email to send and receive the actual text messages. There is no software to install or configure. And there are absolutely no changes to your current telephone carrier. This allows you to text with your clients in their preferred method, but still keep your privacy by not giving out your personal cell number.

Below are just a few examples of how accountants are business texting to enhance their client communications:

  • Appointment reminders – send out a simple reminder to your client about their upcoming appointment.
  • Reminders to clients – use texting to remind clients of quarterly payments and other deadlines.
  • Document reminders – text your customer to remind them of a document you need to collect.
  • Signature needed – reach out to your customer to have them stop by the office to sign documents.

Texting can also be used internally with employees. Since TextBetter service uses existing email every conversation can easily be saved. So no conversations are lost!

Just an FYI the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) does apply to texting. So we recommend that the “client information form” your firm utilizes contain a few sentences providing the firm with prior express written consent to call or text a consumer on their cell number (best practice would be any number they give you). A great reference for more information on TCPA is the USA DNC Regulatory Guide. This guide has clearly outlined the TCPA rules for over 10 years.

TextBetter has created a way to bridge the communication gap and provide a way to communicate better, quicker and faster, Plus, you wont have to download any software or make any changes to your existing phone carrier. It is 2017 after all! To text enable your accounting office’s business telephone number and start texting with your clients, call or text us at 1800 322-1112 today. Learn how to send text messages using your Outlook or Gmail client.

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