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What happens if you text a landline and it isn’t enabled to receive text messages? The simple answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing. The message goes completely undelivered. A landline without a texting feature prevents business owners from knowing what potential customers are reaching out to and addressing their needs.

Whether your business line is text enabled or not, likely, your customers are already texting you. When a text goes unanswered, customers feel ignored, unimportant, and potentially leave them with a negative perception of your business.

There’s also the chance that you’re missing out on new business. Think about all the calls your team makes that go unanswered. Text enabling your business phone number is the best way to ensure you’re not missing communication of any kind.

Why Should I Text Enable My Landline Phone?

It’s fast. Sending and receiving text messages is pretty fast, from a mobile device or a landline phone. Text messaging is the quickest way to reach customers and potential customers. Your message is delivered and read much faster than any email. 

It’s reliable. Text messages do not end up in a spam folder as emails do. From personal experience sending text messages, you know that texts are delivered reliably. No question about it; your text is getting through to the intended recipient. 

It’s easy. Sending a text message from a mobile device is not complicated. Sending a text message using a landline phone is no more complex. Rather than sending the text on a mobile device, your computer tied to your landline number will be the vehicle for landline texting. 

It provides continuity. Enabling landline phones to send and receive text messages provides a seamless experience for your customers. The landline phone number used to communicate is the only number customers will need to remember. 

It gets read. With 97% of text messages opened and responded to in 15 minutes or less, it makes complete sense that consumers today are pointing to the fact that they’d rather text with a business than anything else. Constant Contact reports that the average email open rates for April of 2020 were 16.22%. Text messages are much more effective at getting the intended message across! 

Your Customers Prefer Texting

Text messaging is one of the fastest and most direct ways of communication used by billions of people worldwide. It is quick, easy, and ensures an instant reach to your customers. With text messaging, you can be assured that your texts won’t go unnoticed or unread. 

Texting a customer is one of the best ways to connect with them. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your customer service game or simply provide another avenue for customers to share feedback and get in touch, text messaging is an effective communication tool. Not only is it the most convenient channel available to us, but it also allows us to quickly get a response to a question that may need to be answered. 

The simplicity that landline texting for business provides translates to flexibility. A text can quickly be read and responded to from virtually anywhere. During the commute, over lunch, and even in other meetings.   

What happens if you text a landline?

What happens if you text a landline phone number and it is text enabled?

When someone sends a text to your landline number, TextBetter converts their text into an email and delivers it right to your inbox. We’ll automatically include “Text Message From” in the subject line, so you can easily tell the difference between an email and a text. 

In fact, TextBetter’s SMS Gateway works both ways (by also converting text messages into emails). So, when someone replies (or sends a text to your landline number), their message will arrive as an email in your inbox. To text back, simply reply!

Check out our Video: How It Works for landline texting explained in 97 seconds.

Ok, now I understand what happens if you text a landline. So how do I get mine text enabled?

The important factor in this question is to use a landline text messaging service, like TextBetter. Our technology will send text messages to and from the email address associated with each phone number. To respond, the TextBetter user will send and receive text messages directly from their email account.

TextBetter can enable your landline number for texting in these 4 easy steps:

  1. Pick Your Plan – Whether you’re a team of 5 or a company of 5,000 – we have a plan that’s right for you. Our plans are flexible, affordable, and designed to give you everything you need and a little more.
  2. Send Us Your User Information – Simply send us an email with the name, email address, and landline number for each user so we can get started on account set-up. Users will send text messages directly to and from the email address associated with each phone number. The TextBetter user will be able to send and receive text messages directly from their email account. 
  3. Verify Your Number – Once we’ve called you on your landline and authenticated your telephone number, we’ll text-enable each user by pairing their landline number with their email account. The entire pairing process takes just a few minutes, without any downloads, applications, or new software to install.
  4. Start Texting – Once you get an email confirming that the set-up is complete, you’re ready to start texting!

There is no software or hardware to install. Our service is 100% cloud-based. Our Cloud Texting platform does it all. TextBetter is proudly hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

Text messaging has become such a valuable tool for businesses. Ready to experience this yourself? Contact us today!

About TextBetter

TextBetter provides business texting solutions that make it easy for businesses to send and receive text messages using their landline number(s). The cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into existing business models without having to download or install new software. Businesses of all sizes are served through three distinct product offerings; TextBetter Team, TextBetter Business, and TextBetter Enterprise. More information about the company and services can be found at  www.textbetter.com.