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Dr Perez Family Dentistry LogoDr Eric Perez, DDS purchased his own practice in Napa, California in 2010. He has 7 employees on staff including 2 receptionist that greet patients, set and confirm appointments, collect payments, work with insurance companies and keep the office running smoothly. Up until a few months ago, all communication was done with patients through phone calls and email.

Dr Perez has always known that texting was a great way to communicate with patients but the few times that he tried using a texting application, the application would be unreliable and not work as expected and quickly the front office would stop using it. It became more of a hassle than a help.

A few months ago Dr. Perez started using TextBetter™. All he needed to get started was to provide his main business phone number and the email address that he would like the text messages to be sent to. Within minutes his main business phone was text enabled and his receptionists were provided with some simple instructions on how to send and receive text messages through their existing email.

Here are a few ways that Dr Perez has been able to use business texting to communicate with his patients.

Appointment Reminders

Now instead of taking 30-60 minutes in the morning to call each patient that has an appointment the next day (leave a VM if possible or call them back again), they are able to use a simple email template to send out a personalized text message to the 30-40 patients that have appointments for the next day within a few minutes.

Setting and Changing Appointments

There are three ways that Dr Perez has found that texting helps with setting and changing appointments.

1 – Before a patient leaves the office, they typically stop at the front desk to make the next appointment. Instead of writing the appointment on a business or appointment card that can get lost quickly by the patient, the appointment date and time is texted to the patients phone immediately so it can be accessed and saved to the patients calendar on their phone immediately. No wasted paper and higher probability that the person won’t forget their appointment!

2 – Initiated by the patient: Sometimes the appointment is not set while the patient is in the office. In this case, the patient can text in asking for an appointment. Since the messages come through as email for the front desk, the receptionist simply has to hit reply on their email to start a conversation and set up an appointment. Now instead of possibly waiting on hold, the patient can have an appointment made without wasting a lot of time.

3 – Initiated by the office: Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances such as a hygienist calling in sick, the schedule needs to change. The front office needs to work quickly to change some patients’ appointments. Using text means getting the message out to multiple people within seconds and letting them respond when they can. Since the patient already has Dr Perez’ business phone number programmed into their phone, there is no confusion who is texting them since the text will show coming from the main business line.

Other ways that Dr Perez would like to use texting in the future

Collections – Reminding patients of the amount they owe and the due date

Previous Patients – Reach out to patients that have not been in the office in a long time and try and set an appointment.

Marketing – Send reminders of new products or services offered by the office.

Dr Perez has received many compliments from patients who are excited to see the Dentist using current technology to help communicate more effectively with patients. “Patients are excited about being able to text us. It is so much easier for them to send a text than to call. And we are seeing an increase in the number of patients coming in for their appointments.”, stated Dr Perez.

TextBetter has helped this dentist office to stop communicating with patients like it is 2005 and start communicating, through business texting, like it is 2017! We can see that texting is the preferred form of communication for many patients. Learn more about how you can text enable your office number quickly and start business texting with your patients. They are probably trying to text you right now.

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