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Image of Kelsey Olsen Accepting PACE Technovation Award for TextBetter

TextBetter™ received the Technovation Award on April 4, 2017 during the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Convention and Exposition in Tampa, FL. TextBetter is a simple patent pending service that allows businesses to send and receive text messages, known as business texting, from their email. TextDesk™ enables contact centers to have conversations between agents and customers via text.

These services allow any business to text-enable any landline telephone number like their main business number and/or each employees’ direct number. Employees are then able to use their existing email account to send and receive emails that are converted into a text message and delivered to and from cell phones. This enables conversational text between a customer and a business. Text messages would then be archived with emails. No software is required to be installed or configured and there are no changes to the business’ existing telephone services. According to CTIA 97% of all text messages are opened in less than 15 minutes and less than 1% of all text messages are spam.

“Today’s leading businesses are seeking ways to engage with their customers utilizing TEXT. Research shows that consumers and employees prefer to text. Giving businesses the ability to unlock the power of texting by utilizing their existing phone numbers and enable texting through using their existing email address was really a no brainer. This service allows for a seamless conversation between both services” Dean Garfinkel, President.

The award was presented to Kelsey Olsen, Director of Enhanced Telecom Services by Stuart Discount, PACE chair and Mark Boehmer, PACE Treasurer at the recent PACE convention in Tampa, Florida.

Image of PACE Technovation Award 2017About the Technovation Award

The PACE Technovation Award is given to a new product or service that demonstrates innovation and improves customer engagement.

About Quality Voice & Data

Quality Voice & Data based in Aurora NE, offers technology solutions to the customer engagement industry. Each solution is specifically designed to ensure legal compliance and increased return on investment in the contact center. Services include www.LocalCallerid.com and Caller Name Display management, Brand Guard Caller ID Management Services, SMS Text messaging and advanced IVR solutions. TextBetter is a simple service that allows businesses to send and receive text messages from their email.

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