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SendingWe make it Simple!

HTTPS/WEB API – Through our simple URL call using any internet browser, you can send text messages (SMS) without the need to understand SOAP, REST or RPC.


API Parameters:

KEY                       = unique key for your company
FROM                   = Use any 11-digit telephone number that we text enabled for you
TO                          = your customers 11-digit cell number
MESSAGE            = up to 360 characters or your “If That Then” statement call code.


Your endpoint – We can send all incoming text messages to either your https URL or to your email. Typical URL endpoint:

Metadata: With each incoming message, we provide the following

Status: “{rn  ”result”: {rn    ”status”: {rn      ”nvs_code”: ”S”,rn      ”message”: ”Valid number, SMS delivered”,rn      ”code”: ”200”rn    },rn    ”sms_id”: ”b2ej8fc4-94f2-462e-9lb3-4c16c4068d17”,rn    ”sender”: ”19712701807”,rn    ”recipient”: ”15164764461”,rn    ”location”: ”USA”,rn    ”carrier”: ”999”rn  },rn  ”id”: 0rn}”


These APIs will allow you to programmatically generate reports without logging into the Management Tool.  API generated reports can be delivered through email or to your FTP site as a comma delimited txt file.  Allowing you to easily read and ingest the data into your systems. The API can pull data for all conversations or for specific text enabled telephone numbers, as well as summary usage data, by text enabled number.

Report APIs

Conversation Report API<KEY>&report=<ReportType>&FromDate=<FromDate>&ToDate=<ToDate>&UserID=<UserID>&virtual=<YourNumber>&other=<otherPersonsNumber>

API Parameters:
KEY            = unique key for your company
Report        = conversations
FromDate  = start date range for report
ToDate       = end date range for report
UserID       = the unique user id or FTP the report will be sent
Virtual       = A text enable number OR “ALL”
Other        = the “Other Party” number Or “ALL”

Result File:

Conversation Report columns: (comma delimited txt file)
Virtual Mobile,
Virtual Mobile Tag,
Other Party,
Other Party Tag,
Date Time,

Summary Report API<KEY>&report=<ReportType>&FromDate=<FromDate>&ToDate=<ToDate>&UserID=<UserID>

API Parameters:
KEY             = unique key for your company
Report        = summary
FromDate  = start date range for report
ToDate        = end date range for report
UserID        = the unique user id or FTP the report will be sent

Result File

Summary Report columns: (comma delimited txt file)
Virtual Mobile,
Total Messages,
Total Sent,
Total Received


API Parameters:
KEY             = unique key for your company

Result File

Summary Report columns: (comma delimited txt file)
Original sending number,
Opt-Out subscriber number


Developer  Console

Provides you access to a web texting platform that works concurrently with your assigned APIs and text enabled telephone number(s).  This tool provides you with an easy way to test your integration, includes visibility to sent/received sms messages, access to reporting, inventory of text enabled numbers and more, all in just minutes after subscribing to our service. Use the Developer Console to create your preset sms messages for each of your If That Then statements.


Text Enable Landline telephone numbers – (8XX or Toll)

TextBetter has a unique advantage over our competitor’s service because we can text enable any landline telephone number – without porting the number(s) or interfering with existing phone service providers. This lets you control text messaging from your client’s telephone numbers unifying voice and text.

We can text enable any 8XX or Toll number electronically and will not interfere with your clients existing voice services or their relationship with their current telephone carrier. (typically, in less than 30 minutes)

Or, we can provide you with text enabled Virtual numbers, in any area code. Your choice on how we handle any inbound voice calls to the Virtual numbers;

Play announcement, hang up. “This number is for text messaging service only and does not receive calls” or,

voice mail, with wav file emailed or,

forward caller to another number.


Opt Out – Built in recognition of “Stop”, “Unsubscribe” or “Remove” automatically blocks any future messages. Use API to call a .txt file containing all opt outs, by number.

Auto Responders – natively embedded providing you the ability to configure auto response messages after hours, customizable on a per number basis. These are easy to set up utilizing our Management Interface.

“We got your text message, and we will respond when we open M-F 9-5 CST”

If That Then – Create as many preset messages as needed. Associate each with a code that goes in the (message) field.

“Your account balance dropped below $20.00”


Most CRMs these days are built to send out communication through email to patients, prospects, customers, employees, and more.  Since our TextBetter text messaging service is as simple as sending an email, which is then converted to a text message, integrating text messaging into your CRM is simple.  No new code to write, APIs to try or data feeds to integrate.  CRM integration is simple! Create a back-end job that takes a contact’s “wireless number” (field) and appends “” creating an additional email address for each contact.

We have clients using our text messaging service with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Infusionsoft just to name a few.

Here’s how TextBetter can support your Inside Sales team –

First, we text enabled your employee’s direct telephone numbers (DIDs), then pairing each employee’s DID number with their company email. Utilizing the TextBetter business service each employee can now send and receive SMS messages easily, right from their company email.

All incoming text messages will arrive in each user’s respective email. Each message will contain the full conversation threading. Your employee will also be able to send a new, or reply to a received, sms message. As far as any customer or prospect is concerned ALL sms messages are sent and received from your employees DID. 

Sending text messages to customers using our email client integration is easy.  Refer to our user guide:

Bonus Tip –Your employee can now use the same method to archive a text message as they would an email. Also, many CRMs have automated work flow for email.

TextBetter lets your users use email and text together, automatically from the CRM by setting up two notifications, one would be an email with a lot of detailed information and a second would be a text message that says “Hi John, I just emailed you the requested form, email or text me any questions. –Rich”


TextBetter provides a fast and easy way for any solutions provider or software developer to integrate text messaging into their application or service.

Pricing for our text solutions is based on your specific requirements and volume.

We charge a flat monthly fee for access to our gateway and a nominal per message fee.

Plans to meet every need. 

Text or call: (800) 322-1112

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