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Plans to meet every need. 

TextBetter provides a fast and easy way for any solutions provider or developer to integrate text messaging into their application or service.

You will be set up with access to a web texting platform that concurrently works with a rich set of APIs’ that utilizes your endpoint or email.  This tool provides you with an easy way to test your integration, minutes after subscribing to our service.

TextBetter provides 30-minute provisioning (text enablement) of your client’s existing telephone numbers or can supply you with as many telephone numbers, in any area codes you may require (USA numbers only: toll and 8XX).

The clear advantage of our service over other providers is our ability to text enable any of your numbers – whether landline, VoIP or 8XX.

We do this electronically, and in no way, interfere with your clients existing voice services or their relationship with their current telephone carrier.

We can text enable any 8XX number, landline or VoIP telephone number (anything but wireless numbers).

Pricing for our text solutions is based on your specific requirements and volume.  We charge a flat monthly fee for access to our gateway and a nominal per message fee.

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Plans to meet every need. 

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