Why a text messaging service for small business is essential for strategic growth

As an SMB company, perhaps you’ve imagined what the perfect text messaging service for small business owners would look like and what it could do if you could wave a magic wand and develop it yourself. As a small business owner, you know the landscape of your business and industry inside and out. You know that there is great need to have a variety of marketing methods that are effective, reliable and affordable and that relying on just one method isn’t going to cut it. Integrating a text messaging service for small business is a powerful, cost-effective way to help grow your business.

The TextBetter team has created a text messaging service for small business that helps modernize the current landscape of communication. 

A text messaging service for small business starts and ends with TextBetter

Why use text?

Studies show that your customers prefer texting over email and that it is wildly more effective than any other communication channel out there today. There is no way around the fact that using a text messaging service for small business enables growth by developing better relationships with customers, increasing engagement and retention and recognizing higher sales volumes. 

Text messaging is fast and personal

Having a real-time 2-way text conversation with customers by answering questions, scheduling appointments, closing deals, confirming meetings, providing directions….it all can be done by using a text messaging service for small business. Text messaging is for every business, regardless of industry, market or size. 

Time is money

It may sound cliché; however, it is true. A text messaging service for small business allows the business and staff to assist more customers more effectively in so much less time. Text provides the flexibility you need and the convenience customers demand. Leveraging a text messaging service for small business as part of a communication strategy allows more effective and convenient options for customer engagement.

Text Messaging Service

Strategy #1: Provide better customer service

Using a text messaging service for small business will help you facilitate a better customer experience for your customers. Making an investment into the customer service that is received from your business will help retain current customers while attracting new ones. When customers have a positive experience, it influences their willingness to speak and share their encounter with your business.

Enabling the business and staff to respond to customer service inquiries or issues on demand is powerful. 

As it relates to customer experience, TextBetter connects your landline number with your email address by simply pairing the two. Your customers do not have to learn a new number and can use the one that they have been familiar with from the start. There is zero disruption to the customer or business!

Strategy #2: Maximize business effectiveness

A text messaging service for small business will help track customer communication and information. By unifying your business communications through text messaging, sales, marketing, and customer support teams can work more effectively and proactively using the same common process. Because text conversations are converted into emails and then stored in your inbox, syncing with any CRM is easy. This simple process allows visibility for everyone in the business to know what is going on with any particular customer in any given moment.

TextBetter seamlessly integrates with hundreds of CRMs, so more likely than not, you already have what you need. TextBetter customers use Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Infusionsoft and more.

Strategy #3: Acquire more customers

How many phone calls do you miss after business hours? How many customers or potential customers are trying to text your business number but are unsuccessful? Using a text messaging service for small business provides the ability for customers to reach your business at their convenience, not just on the timeframe you’ve established for your business.

Consider this…incorporating a text messaging service for small business into the communication strategy can dramatically chisel down long hold times. Providing a customer or prospective customer the various ways to reach your business, including text, another thumbs up will be given, as leads will appreciate the convenience, immediacy, and ease-of-access that text messaging provides. A text message for small business ultimately leads to a great customer experience.

Strategy #4: Use text to follow up and follow through

Salespeople say that getting responses from customers and prospects is often times challenging. This is where a text messaging service for small business comes in. Texting is fast and reliable. 97% of texts are read and responded to within 15 minutes. It is the way we as consumers communicate and is what we are accustomed to. 

The saying “the early bird gets the worm” is especially true in this scenario. Be the first company to reach out to a lead who has expressed interest…this is the highest chance of closing any deal.

Text Messaging Service for businesses to provide a better customer service

How does a text messaging service for small business work?

We simply text enable your business phone number(s) and pair the phone number with your email address. Your email is just the tool that lets you send and receive text messages. Easy, right? Texting from your business number is as simple as sending an email and the receiver of your message, will get a text message, that is from your business phone number.  When you receive a text message from a customer, it will show up in your email, giving you a quick way to respond to the sender. Conversation threading is contained in each email. Best yet, all text conversations are searchable and archivable in your email.

Think this sounds complicated? It’s not. Your landline number can be enabled for texting in these 4 easy steps:

1. Pick Your Plan

Whether you’re a team of 5 or company of 5,000 – we have a plan that’s right for you. Our plans are flexible, affordable and designed to give you everything you need and a little more.

2. Send Us Your User Information

Simply send us an email with the name, email address and landline number for each user so we can get started on account set-up. Text messages will be sent directly to and from the email address associated with each phone number. The TextBetter user will be able to send and receive text messages directly from their email account. 

3. Verify Your Number

Once we’ve called you on your landline and authenticated your telephone number, we’ll text-enable each user by pairing their landline number with their email account. The entire pairing process takes just a few minutes, without any downloads, applications or new software to install.

4. Start Texting

Once you get an email confirming that set-up is complete, you’re ready to start texting!

As a small business owner, you understand the value of making the right investments in marketing tools. A text messaging service for small business has been proven to be a game changer for businesses. Chances are, your competitors are already using text. It’s time for your business to capitalize on the opportunity to reach customers using the best text messaging service for small business, TextBetter.

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service seamlessly integrates with your business, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: Teams, Business or Enterprise.   

SMS marketing made easy, with TextBetterSend a personalized texts hundreds of recipients at once, like appointment reminders & special announcements.

Our SMS Marketing Wizard instantly sends a personalized text to each recipient individually, creating a 1:1 conversation that is private and easily managed. And when someone replies, we'll convert their SMS into an email and delivered it right back to your inbox.

How It Works

1. Upload Your File: using our online portal, you can easily upload your list of recipients and desired message. File type must be csv. or txt.; you can view a sample file, here.


2. Tell Us Your Email: 30 minutes after your job is completed, our SMS Marketing Wizard will automatically email a delivery report to this address. The report confirms when the job is complete and tells you if any of your telephone numbers were invalid*

* (most landlines, and many VoIP numbers, do not accept text. In these scenarios, our delivery report will identify these numbers as 'invalid' and forward you the results; giving you the power to pick the right medium for your message, and ensure it's delivered).

3. Click Send! Within minutes, your personalized message is delivered. And when someone replies, we'll convert their SMS into an email and deliver it right back to your inbox. We automatically handle opt-outs... and, did we mention replies are free?

Pricing Info

>> Pay-as-you-go: text as many numbers as like, for just $0.04 a message. No contracts, no hidden fees and no fine print. Replies are free, and we automatically handle out-opts for you | For Business & Enterprise customers only.
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