Business Text Messaging & The College Recruiting Process

In the last few years leading up to 2018, the college recruiting effort has been the most effective of all HR practices at large corporations (think Geico, Deloitte, etc.). The competition in recruiting the most in demand students has become incredibly stiff. In order to successfully deliver the in-demand candidates, your corporation must implement new best practices. College recruits are demanding and need the most interaction, and this generation prefers instant gratification.

This is where business text messaging comes into play. Give your recruiters the capability to use text for business to communicate with their recruits. Allowing your college recruiting team use business text messaging as their primary method of communication will make your corporation stand out. Text messaging shows your recruits that you understand their preferences. Remaining relevant in corporate college recruiting efforts require you to use the channel of communication that your recruits prefer, i.e. Text Messaging!

Cell phones dominate student communication because college students have their cell phones on them 24/7. If you want to get a response from a potential recruit, send them a text message. You are likely to get a response quicker than any other form of communication. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are responded to within 15 minutes.

Business Text Messaging

There are different ways that you can use business text messaging throughout the cycle of onboarding a new hire:

  • Recruiters use business text to communicate with recruits.
  • Managers keep in touch with new hires via business text prior to start date.
  • HR texts the open enrollment link to new hires.
  • Etc.

How does it work?

  • TextBetter will text enable your office line. This will allow you to send and receive business text messages directly from your business email. By text enabling your landline phone number, you can now give out just one phone number for both phone calls and text.
  • TextBetter enables you to manage your texts just like you do your emails. You can now archive your conversations with your candidates.
  • By separating your business texts from personal texts, you can now avoid any accidental mixing of the two.

Ideas for how Business Text Messaging will make your College Recruiting team more efficient:

  • Have your students or potential candidates text the name of a specific job title, and have a Keyword set up to automatically respond with the job description or link to apply.
  • Worried about missing texts after hours? You can set up auto-responders stating that the text was received and will be responded to during normal business hours.

Text enable your college recruiters today! Don’t be afraid to shorten the recruiting cycle and try a different approach with your recruits. Edge out the competition by getting to them first.
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Credit Union Text Messaging Solutions

Credit Unions exist to serve their members — and provide the members the experience they seek. If retailers, pharmacies, banks, and many other industries are already enabling their customers to engage via text messaging, then why should credit unions lag behind?

Traditionally, credit unions have communicated with members by phone or email. This process can make it difficult to quickly obtain member information, which inevitably delays the process to approve loan applications, and impedes other critical daily operations. Why not provide members with their preferred way to communicate? Text Messaging Solutions for credit unions is a way to meet member demands, by providing an additional way to communicate. With 95% of text messages read and responded to within 15 minutes or less, it’s clear to see why business text messaging is a powerful way to engage with members.

Two-way text messaging is a powerful addition to any credit union’s list of contact methods — and a necessary one, considering texting’s role as a primary point of business communications.

Text Messaging Solutions

The Benefits of Text Messaging Solutions for Credit Unions

Texting is not the newest or most cutting-edge form of communication; however, it is extremely convenient and effective. When considering credit union members, many don’t have the time or would prefer not to engage in a full phone conversation to ask a simple question. By leveraging text messaging solutions for credit unions, teams are empowered to provide members with actionable information in a more engaging and meaningful way while communicating in a manner that is preferred.

Member Satisfaction Elevated

Your members may already be trying to text you via your landline. The bad news of this is, you’re missing out on opportunities. In the digital age, members are seeking ways to interact via their phones, whether that be through social media or text messaging. Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, shared that by 2020, 85 percent of all business interactions will take place without human interaction. Waiting until 2020 to implement a stronger digital presence and texting service for business could affect your customer satisfaction today. Customers also want interactions to be on their time and waiting for return phone calls just doesn’t fit into this. By opening another line of communication with members, you’re also more likely to hear about complaints and be able to resolve them. In the world of online reviews and social media, this is great news for credit unions. Why not start now?

Boost Engagement

Member engagement is quick, easy, and generally better when using a business texting service. Credit union members are much more likely to respond when you make it simple and top of mind. Providing members with the additional method to engage and communicate via text adds a touch of personalization.

Preserve Text Conversations

When sending information out to members, requesting information from them, or even communication with internal employees, it is important to keep a record of conversation history. It’s also imperative to note that not all text messaging solutions for credit unions are the same. To get the most out of your investment, choose a solution that automatically archives your text conversations and stores them in your email. This way the information can be accessed anytime as needed.

Real Time Reports

When choosing text messaging solutions for credit unions, it’s ideal to select a tool that provides you the ability to keep track of conversations between internal employees and your members by simply running a report. Having access to these reports helps branch managers stay ‘in the know’ and gives you the confidence that your credit union is using every tool to its advantage.

Using Text Messaging in Your Credit Union

How a credit union utilizes text messaging is as important as the decision to use it. The most important point to remember is that text messaging goes two ways — both back and forth.

Loan application hassles solved

How many times have you started the loan application process, discovered you needed more information, and then had to play phone tag over hours or days before you could get that piece of information, then finally complete processing the application? It’s an expensive headache that that plagues credit unions today. Luckily, this can be solved by investing in a text messaging solution. Enabling loan officers with an alternate and preferred communication method for members while efficiently obtaining information needed to complete the loan process is a substantial game changer. How great would it be to open more accounts and process more loans, by simply using text messaging solutions for credit unions?

Enhanced Customer Service and Support

With customer service being a primary focus of most credit unions today, the advantages of texting are obvious and substantial. A credit union that allows its members to engage in an ongoing, threaded text conversation certainly opens the door to higher member satisfaction. With that being said, the same member representative who answers the phone can just as easily reply to a text via their computer. Members who might be hesitant to call with questions can now send a quick text, receive an answer, and decide whether and how to continue engaging.

Consider integrating text messaging as part of your process. Whether it’s to provide general member service and support, answer questions about products or asking for and providing information needed to complete a loan.

Ready to get started? It’s easy. TextBetter uses your email account to transmit text messages to and from your landline number by simply pairing the two. You’ll send, receive, and manage text conversations directly from your business email. No downloads or software installs either. Simple, right?

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business-texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise.

Have questions on how TextBetter can make business text messaging work for you? Call or text us today at 800-322-1112

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Supplementing Your CRM With Business Texting Services

Why your CRM needs SMS (think, Business Text Messaging) …

How do I increase sales and profit?” said Every Sales Leader, Everywhere.

Yes, it is true. Sales Leaders are constantly searching for ways to increase sales and profit. So much so, each year sales executives pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into advertising campaigns and marketing budgets hoping to increase their bottom line.

While at the same time (and without intension), sales executives often fail to focus on their most powerful driver of sales: their customer.

Business Texting Services, texting service for business

As a short disclaimer before I move forward; it must be said that I am in no way, trying to discredit or diminish the value of marketing and advertising resources. They are both, in fact, critical aspects of the sales process.

Having said that, the purpose of this article is to highlight what most sales leaders overlook or perhaps underestimate…. And that is the power of good customer relationship management, and how that can be enhanced simply by text.

Business Texting Services For Relationships and Management

Having a good relationship with your customer makes it easier to conduct business and generate revenue. That’s why many businesses use Customer Relationship Management software (CRMs) to help drive their sales cycle and customer campaigns.

For sales leaders, a CRM is a powerful database filled with valuable customer intel and sales team performance metrics such as the number of meetings per rep or performance ($$$) by sales team. It helps leadership quantify success, and enables management to measure performance across any product, sales rep or territory.

So, with so much value in having a good customer relationship program in place, what’s the problem?

Well there are two.

First, a CRM is only as powerful as you make it. Therefore, having strict requirements around data entry and management is a must – otherwise there won’t be anything to measure.

Unfortunately, we also know that sales reps (especially while on the road) do not enjoy or prioritize time spent on manual data entry – it is why so many organizations sync email with CRM. When it comes to data management, decreasing manual entry will always mean better data.

While email syncing is certainly an option, it also brings us to problem number two…. It is impossible to develop a deep and robust relationship with your client over email.

Business Text Messaging: The Unsung Hero of Relationship Management

What many people don’t realize is that a single solution to both problems already exists – it’s called using business texting services and as a side note, the implementation is even simpler than the concept itself.

For starters, a texting service will automatically sync with your CRM; seamlessly transmitting your text conversation into business email. Ultimately eliminating manual data entry while creating the additional documentation required by most organizations (think compliance).

Second, by using business texting services you are speaking directly to your most important driver of sales: your customer. While most consumers simply prefer to communicate over text, it also simplifies the follow-up dialogue and makes it easier to create a ‘personal touch’ – ensuring every customer feels special.

A Recruiting Case for Business Text Messaging

Case and point: consider the personal impact and importance of logging this text conversation between a recruiter and hiring manager:

Recruiter: Hey! Did you get my email on Monday? How did the interview go with Jason?

Hiring Manager: It went okay. Let’s pass.

Recruiter: Ok! Did you have any feedback? I will send over more resumes.

Hiring Manager: We need more excel experience. Maybe 3 years? Also, do u have anyone who can forecast a sales pipeline? If so, push them to the top of the interview pile.

While this conversation seems straight forward, there are a few factors to consider:

1. The recruiter’s initial email on Monday asked the same question but went unanswered. This is common problem within the recruiting industry that is easily resolved through text. – Getting interview feedback is key! In fact, data tells us that 98% of text messages are responded to within 10 minutes.

2. The hiring manager’s text provided 2 important and new pieces of information. First, the candidate must have at last 3 years of experience in excel and, second, candidates should also be screened for pipeline management and forecast experience. It would be wise to share this new information internally, so other colleagues can better help her fill the role. Since the recruiter is using business texting services, she does not need to waste time manually documenting the conversation over email or updating CRM.

3. Lastly, the recruiter’s manager should be aware of the recent change to the customer’s candidate profile. It is an important milestone to consider when evaluating the recruiter’s performance, like time to fill.

Ultimately, sales leaders looking to increase sales and profits should also look to enable business texting services.

A quick text can be just as effective, and some would argue, is a more efficient way for sales reps to develop deep relationships with their customers post sale. It is perceived as personal and does not require reps to log on to a secure exchange server or manually enter text conversations into CRM.

Stephanie Knapp, Consultant with over 6 years of professional experience in process improvement, strategic planning, project management, and stakeholder relations.

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Text For Business: Enable My Landline Telephone Number

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