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Is texting dead?

I found an article the other day titled “How Text Messages Are Being Killed and Replaced” that was written in December 2014. In the article, it was concluded that since

  1. Text messaging is a 20+ year old technology (so now it is REALLY old technology),
  2. Has character limitations (160 characters per message) and
  3. You can’t send special characters such as emojis,

that other applications will replace it such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many others. Continue reading “Is texting dead?”


18 Stats That Show Why Businesses Need To Text

Business Texting StatAre you using texting in your business as part of your communications strategy with both customers and employees? If you aren’t, why not? Both customers and employees want to communicate more through texting. Remember, it isn’t 2005 any more. Check out these amazing stats to see why texting has become so popular.

• 97% of all text messages are opened in less than 15 minutes

• Less than 1% of all text messages are spam.

• 30% of consumers interact with a brand through text messages Continue reading “18 Stats That Show Why Businesses Need To Text”