Text Messaging Service for Social Service Agencies

Anytime an agency deals with the public at large, text appears to be the communication medium of choice. Case workers struggle with giving out their personal cell number and find transferring of messages from their cell phones to case files time consuming and difficult. A good Business Text messaging service easily integrates the two protecting both the agency and the case workers by archiving all text communications.

We recommend text enabling the agency worker’s landline telephone numbers. It’s really that simple!  Today, people just aren’t responding to emails and voicemails like they used to.

The challenge with this is that your client’s unresponsiveness is likely preventing you, or significantly impeding you from being able to do your job and doing it well. How are your clients communicating today? The same way they do with their friends and family…by text message. The integration of a text messaging service has become critical for effective and efficient communication today in the social services field to reach your clients

Here are 5 reasons why using a text messaging service is necessary in social services.

1.Everyone has a cell phone

Current data from the Pew Research Center shows that 96% of Americans own a cell phone. Of that, 81% of the American population owns a smartphone. A very small percentage of your client base does not own a cell phone and that group is rapidly declining.

2.Text is used by everyone

Referencing the most recent Pew Research Center report on mobile technology, it indicates that the usage of mobile is not limited to a certain age or gender. 

Having a mobile device allows individuals to send and receive text messages as an additional form of communication to voice calls. The newest, best and most expensive smartphone isn’t needed with text messaging. Your clients don’t have to own a smartphone or the install specific apps or programs to function properly. Text messaging universally works on most all mobile devices, regardless of the age of the phone.

3.Text messages are effective

97% of all text messages are read and responded to within 15 minutes. It’s very likely that you’ll send a text message to a client about their case and will have a response within a few minutes, if not seconds. Unlike voicemails or emails that may be missed or ignored, a text messaging service offers the convenience and familiarity that people are used to. They are easy to respond to and can be done virtually any time or anywhere, not disrupting what is being done.

4.Text messages are not filtered

What happens when you receive a phone call from a number you do not know on your cell phone? Chances are, you let it go to voicemail with the understanding that if it’s important enough, they’ll leave a message. The same with your clients. They’ll send you to voicemail and maybe return your call when it’s convenient for them to do so. This is also the same when it comes to email. The priority isn’t there to read/respond to those your clients are unfamiliar with IF your email makes it into their inbox and isn’t filtered out.

A text message service allows your text to be sent and seen immediately. Texts are more personal and typically are acknowledged and responded to quickly. 

5. Text messages are fast and efficient

The brevity of a text message being received typically prompts the same in return. The nature of using text messages to communicate means that there isn’t any need for pleasantries about the weather or other potential issues. This means that you’ll be able to handle your cases and clients in a more effective manner, allowing you to spend time in areas that need further attention. A text messaging service is both beneficial to you and your clients as they will appreciate that they are being communicated with in a preferred and efficient way.

Below are just a few examples of what can be communicated with clients using a text messaging service:

  • Reminders for appointments
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Items that may need to be submitted for their case/case reviews
  • Time sensitive documents that need attention
  • Items to look out for that were mailed
  • Pictures can easily be taken and transmitted for archive

A text messaging service is the key to effortless, seamless and efficient communication which is the key to success for both for you and for your clients.

How does a text messaging service work?

TextBetter uses your email account to transmit text messages to and from your existing landline phone number by simply pairing the two together. You’ll send, receive, and manage text conversations directly from your business email, which can also include pictures. Pretty simple, right? There is no software to purchase or change how you do business. Your clients can use the same number they have always used to reach you by voice or by text.

Because your email is already backed up and archived, all text messages are automatically included as well. This permanent record of text messages protect the agency and the workers.

Have questions regarding the TextBetter text messaging service? We’d love to answer your questions. Call or text us today at 800-322-1112.

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service seamlessly integrates with your business, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: Teams, Business or Enterprise.

Using Business Text Messaging in Contact Centers

Contact centers today support multiple communication methods including voice, text, email and social in both inbound and outbound settings. This omnichannel approach allows contact centers to support all aspects of its client’s business, if needed. With the rise in omnichannel support comes opportunities for contact centers to incorporate business text messaging as part of the products and services offered in their portfolio.

With the prevalence of business text messaging in a fair number of contact centers already, it’s not something that should be overlooked any longer. Incorporating business text messaging allows call center agents to interact with customers using a method they are familiar with and prefer to use. Texts are fully visible and transparent to anyone in the contact center as they are sent and received using the existing email client of the center.

If your contact center hasn’t adopted business text messaging as part of its’ omnichannel strategy, here are the top reasons that outline why you shouldn’t wait any longer. 

Customers prefer it

Pew Research reports that 96% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind. Of that, 81% own smartphones. Mobile phones offer many capabilities that customers prefer; text messaging is a quick and easy way for customers to communicate. Text is convenient, flexible and can be done on their time. Using business text messaging allows customers to avoid potentially long hold times they may experience during peak calling hours which overall helps your contact center, too. For outbound contact center programs, it’s necessary to reach out to customers. At times it’s challenging to reach them on the phone and email can be slower to respond to. It makes sense to communicate using the channel they prefer and use the most. 

Better customer service

Gone are the days of providing customer support solely by phone lines. Today’s consumers expect you to offer multiple channels of engagement and appreciate having multiple options. In today’s era where social media is front and center, customer experience is critical to a brands image. Offering a convenient option as text messaging, places the customer experience front and center of importance. When you offer business text messaging in your contact center as a means to communicate with your clients, you are offering comfort and convenience. 

Many solutions can be offered by text

Contact centers typically have a single use case that drives a large percentage of communication activity. For example, resetting passwords, order status, shipment details, etc). Often times these types of use cases can be handled via the web/chat or text rather than a traditional phone call. 

Text can be accessed virtually anywhere

Texting is portable. Customers can interact with a contact center agent from virtually anywhere, even if there is not an internet connection. In the event the text exchange necessitates a phone call with the customer, the agent and customer are able to seamlessly make the switch without having to start from square one again. Incorporating business text messaging into the contact center does not require a sharp learning curve from an agent perspective, as it is something they do regularly and are familiar with. 

Text is responsive

A recent Deloitte analysis reports that Americans are viewing their smartphones more often than ever before, on average 52 times per day. With most texts being read and responded to within a matter of minutes, text provides an opportunity for a two way communication exchange that can be taken care of quickly.

The case for offering business text messaging as part of an omnichannel approach in contact centers just makes sense. It provides efficiencies for agents and the company while providing a better customer experience and offering another way, the preferred way for customers to communicate with your business. 

Implementation is easy 

When you hear that implementation is simple or easy when it comes to a new technology that is being evaluated, it can be met with a lot of skepticism. We really mean it though. Our text solutions are easy to implement and simple to use. We intentionally set out to provide our TextBetter customers with the best customer experience possible and believe our cloud based business text messaging solutions absolutely meets that goal. 

Agents will not have to learn an entirely new software or need to keep another window open to begin messaging with customers as there are no new platforms to learn or install.  With our business text messaging solutions, texts will automatically sync with the desired CRM for the contact centers many clients. This ultimately eliminates the hassle of manually entering or copying and pasting texts. 

To learn more about our customized business text messaging solutions and how other contact centers are using text for their customers call or text us at 800-322-1112. 

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Team, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise.

Business text messaging guidelines

There is no doubt that business text messaging is timely and efficient. The use of business text messaging in daily communication has dramatically increased in adoption and usage over the last few years. While it is fast and convenient for both business and customers, it certainly has a set of challenges. Messages can be incomplete. Words can be misspelled. The meaning of the message can be misinterpreted. The tone could be distorted. As business text messaging continues to increase in popularity, it’s important to understand the anatomy of drafting and sending a proper professional text

While there isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all approach” or “secret sauce” for perfect business text messaging, there are several guidelines and considerations to take note of. Here are 10 elements to apply when your fingers hit the keyboard to begin the draft of your message.

  1. Keep it short. The best part of texting is how quick and easy it is to communicate. Messages should be able to be read in a matter of seconds and responded to with ease. It’s best to limit the text with no more than two sentences.
  2. Make it personal. The message should be personal to the customer and appropriate to your business.
  3. Pay attention to tone. The tone of the texts we exchange with friends and family are much different than in our professional lives. With business text messaging, be mindful of both business and text appropriate tones before hitting send. There is a delicate blend between not sounding stuffy and using language that you may use outside of work. Make sure the tone is energetic, upbeat and polite.
  4. Clearly communicate. There should be zero confusion as to what you are trying to say. It’s best to not leave misinterpretation to chance and potentially cause conflict and/or a missed business opportunity. Make sure your message, along with your ask, is clear. It’s always best to review the text for clarity before sending.
  5. Spelling and punctuation. This might seem like something that just doesn’t need to be mentioned…but it absolutely does. You may think that text messaging is casual enough to not use spell check or even use correct placement of apostrophes or commas. The fact is, it does matter when representing your company and brand. Business text messaging should always include the use of correct punctuation and spelled words. 
  6. Timing matters. It’s best to limit business text messaging communication to work hours. 
  7. Sign off with intention. Text threads can go on and on, as though each person doesn’t want to be the first to close the conversation. Be aware of when the goal of the text has been reached. Thank them for the information provided, promise to follow up and/or be clear of the next step. Don’t leave customers wondering what may be going on by not closing the conversation.
  8. Be mindful of frequency. Business text messaging can easily become an annoyance to your audience if it’s perceived that messages are sent too often. Sending multiple messages that could easily be sent in one might be something you do to your friends, but definitely not your customers. Before the message is sent, always consider if email is a more prudent communication method for the topic or goal of the message.
  9. Make it easy to reply. Keeping your texts short and sweet also means you need to keep them clear. If you’re asking your recipient a question, make it easy for them to provide a simple yes or no answer. Consider phrasing your message in a way that does not require a lengthy detailed explanation. 
  10. Be prompt in your response. There is an assumption that there will be a pretty swift response to a text message. Unless you are unavailable, make the effort to respond quickly, otherwise your lack of response could be seen as you just don’t care of the customer/issue isn’t important enough for you. If for some reason you cannot or did not respond to the message quickly, make sure to offer an apology for your tardiness in response as soon as possible.

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Team, TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Enterprise.

TextBetter uses your email account to transmit text messages to and from your landline number by simply pairing the two. You’ll send, receive, and manage text conversations directly from your business email, which includes pictures. Pretty simple, right? There is no software to purchase or change how you do business. 

There are many ways in which your business can benefit from sending and receiving messages, but we’ve outlined a few of our favorite benefits here. Have questions on how TextBetter can make business text messaging work for you? We’d love to answer your questions. Call or text us today at 800-322-1112.

Business Text Messaging vs. Email: Pros and Cons

Email has been widely accepted and the most predominant communication medium in business for decades. While businesses have traditionally kept to email for professional reasons, the prevalence of text in our personal lives has been an influential driver for companies of all sizes to adopt business text messaging as part of their communication strategy. For some, it’s an easy, cut and dry decision to implement business text messaging. For others, it’s a more difficult decision as email is a tried and true practice. 

We thought we’d provide a good old fashion pros and cons list for those who are still weighing the decision to implement business text messaging in conjunction with established communication practices. Keep reading to discover the benefits and considerations of business text messaging. 


  • Did you know that 97% of all text messages are opened and responded to? When you take into consideration that most text messages will be responded to within 90 seconds of being read, it’s clear that text messaging has excellent engagement rates. Often times, these high engagement rates will lead companies to incorporate business text messaging in their daily practices. 
  • Text messaging is the preferred communication medium. There is no need for businesses to guess whether customers prefer email or text messages; the fact is, there is a place as well as a need for both. Business text messaging allows customers to interact with your company in a way that they can choose, when it is convenient for them.
  • Text is easily accessible and does not require a Wi-Fi connection which means it can be accessed virtually anywhere.
  • Business text messaging creates a real-time communication environment. In this, customers are less inclined to call your help desk and more likely to have a better customer experience.  It also means that B2C texting services create measurable efficiencies for customer service reps by enabling them to multiple task – communicating both professionally and efficiently.
  • Improved process efficiency is a benefit when implementing business text messaging. The less time and effort it takes to complete a task or waiting for a response, the more customers you can serve. With business text messaging, many processes are streamlined. 
  • Business text messaging provides your business another way to personalize the customer experience to build loyalty by sending timely and relevant information. Providing a personalized and convenient experience with your customers builds trust, and trust leads to loyalty.


  • Texts must be brief. Customers simply aren’t interested in reading long text messages, so it’s critical that texts are short. Any in-depth customer service conversations, especially those that involve upset customers, are often better conducted over email or even phone.
  • Sending too many business text messages can be annoying and feel intrusive. If businesses send too many marketing texts in addition to vital communications like notifications or using text for a two-way dialogue, consumers can get frustrated and ask to be removed from all texting or communication lists. Companies that successfully use business text messaging will send a message with purpose and value to the customer. 
  • It’s not free. Using a business text messaging service will cost money. If your customer does not have a plan that allows unlimited texts, it’ll cost them money, too.
  • Tone can be misinterpreted through text. As business text messaging has evolved, this has become better, but there is room to not interpret the tone of a text correctly.  If you think there’s any chance your meaning won’t properly be conveyed through a text, it’s probably better to just pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Business text messaging is certainly more and more common, and frankly with good reason. The pros far outweigh the cons. Text is one of the most expedient and reliable ways to reach your audience.  Your customers are already very comfortable with text as they use it in their personal lives, let them engage with your business the way they prefer and are accustomed to. Implementing a texting service for business is key to staying relevant and evolving with your customer preferences.

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Team, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise.

Why Use Landline Text Messaging to Reach Your Customers

Landline text messaging has significantly grown in adoption and usage regardless of the size of business. In the past, businesses only used texts for marketing purposes, to promote a product or an event. Today, the most successful businesses are using landline text messaging as part of their non promotional communication strategy with customers and prospects.

Landline text messaging is a fast and easy way for you to reach your customers and for your customers to reach you and your business. Leveraging text as a communication provides a more effective and convenient option for engagement.

There are a number of communication channels available to reach and connect with customers. Social media is certainly a powerful resource but not always effective in one on one communication. There’s the option to call the business line but chances are, you’ll probably be leaving a voicemail. Sending an email is great but they aren’t read instantly. With 97% of text messages opened and responded to in 15 minutes or less, it makes complete sense that consumers today are pointing to the fact that they’d rather text with a business than anything else. This is where landline text messaging comes in to play.

Here are 5 reasons why landline text messaging works well for businesses:


In the United States, there is an arguable obsession with all things convenient both in our professional and personal lives. With Door Dash, Amazon and telecommuting as a few examples, as a general population we prefer and expect things to be convenient.  One of the most important considerations when it comes to your business, is the ability for your customers to engage with you how they actually want to. Landline text messaging allows your customers to go and do what they want, while carrying on a conversation or engaging with your business at the same time. The bottom line, it’s convenient.

Faster engagement

Text messaging is far more direct than using any other type of communication. No matter what type of industry you work in, the good ol’ game of phone tag is certainly not effective. Crossing your fingers and hoping an email that was sent to someone doesn’t get caught in a filter is just not efficient. With current business practices, the best way to get a response from customers is to just send a text. It’s certainly a more effective medium and by nature encourages faster engagement from the recipient. Landline text messaging provides a seamless way for customers to text your business and for you to text your customers.

It’s the norm

Texting is both widely and easily accessible, which is why it is such an effective tool for communication. Everyone knows precisely how to use it and there isn’t a wide generational gap in text usage like there one was. Messages are seen and read in a matter of minutes. The general population is certainly more accustomed to receiving texts from other people than personal contacts, thanks to newer marketing technologies.

For a business to engage in both sending and receiving texts from customers, landline text messaging is simple and straightforward. Texts are sent from the email business or individual employee uses and the messages are delivered to the recipients’ cell phones in real time. When the recipient responds, it is funneled right into the email inbox.

It’s preferred

When it comes to communicating, it’s fair to say that most of the population you’d engage with as a business would rather type than talk. There is something to texts that we really prefer; we’d rather type short replies to short messages, than long replies to lengthy emails. The fact is, texts are short and are intended to the point across faster than in an email. They’re not all that involved, unlike emails, or phone calls. The simplicity that landline text messaging provides translates to flexibility. A text can quickly read and responded to from virtually anywhere. During the commute, over lunch and even in other meetings.    

Customer experience

Texting is the most efficient way to give your customers the experience they prefer and demand. Providing the option for customers to choose to send a message to you via landline text messaging or another communication method enables the customer to choose which method is best for handling their issue or concern. Texting is quick and convenient – just what consumers want.

Ultimately, landline text messaging is the fastest, most direct and efficient way to reach your audience. It’s flexible and provides another communication option for your customers. You already know the results texting gets, so why not incorporate texting into your business?

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Team, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise.

Business Text Messaging for Logistics Organizations

Companies that manage large fleets and supply chains are responsible for coordinating thousands of deliveries each and every day throughout the United States. No matter the size and scale of the fleet management company, there are several opportunities where communication can breakdown be it with the driver, the store, supplier or distribution center. Implementing a business text messaging service as part of the process can help improve overall operational efficiency. A third party logistics study done in 2018 found that the number one challenge in communication was due to delays arising from the use of email. With that being said, there is a large opportunity to mitigate the potential delays through business text messaging.

Logistic companies can use business text messaging in their daily operations

Text messages by nature are short and sweet. There is no delay between when the message is sent and when or how it arrives. There is no noise or endless sentences to read. In an industry where real-time updates and clarity is vital, it makes absolute sense that logistics organizations have adopted business text messaging as an important method for communication.

Consider using business text messaging in the following situations:

Business text messaging can be used to alert the necessary parties when there is a delay or change in the drop-off or pick-up schedule.

  • Example: Perhaps a driver is stuck in traffic due to an accident, he can notify the warehouse that the delivery will be delayed.

Leverage the immediacy of business text messaging and send delivery information to drivers, especially in the event of delivery changes or modifications.

  • Example: If the shipment is supposed to be received by a specific individual and they are out for the day, the client services team can send a quick text informing who the new point of contact is.
  • Example: Should there be a change in the time available for the delivery, that communication can be sent via text informing the driver.

Business text messaging has positive impacts

Call volume reduction

Customer service is wholly important in logistics. Lack of or inefficient communication disrupts and frustrates the supply chain. When logistics companies use business text messaging, call volume can significantly be reduced from drivers and customers alike. Text will help augment phone conversations and can be more efficient.

Customer Engagement

One of the great benefits that isn’t necessarily realized in this industry is that business text messaging can also be used as a way to engage with customers. While there should be a set of guidelines developed and followed by every company, it’s a great way to meet customers where they are at….in the land of text. With an open rate of 97%, it makes sense to leverage the power text within your company.

Satisfaction and feedback

Drivers are on the front line of your business and understand where improvements can be made in the field. Their satisfaction is essential to the operation and to efficiency. When using business text messaging, the two-way communication can be used to send and receive feedback surveys from the drivers. This proactive approach allows for improvements to be made to the distribution centers or headquarters.

Updated business practices

Using business text messaging can help replace potentially outdated business practices.  At times, these outdated processes can really impact business and of course, the bottom line.

  • Example: A fleet office is managing job schedules via a whiteboard. That process can be messy, confusing, and lead to missed shifts and potential deliveries. Using text to communicate with drivers during their shift can help mitigate scheduling issues.

When using business text messaging as your main communication channel or to augment existing channels really helps provide flexible communications options you can use to reach drivers, customers and partners with more ease. Better and more simplistic communications means it’s much easier to run your business while addressing the potential challenges of the logistics industry right now. Small improvements in communications, like business text messaging, can help bring in new revenue opportunities while being an innovator in the industry.

About us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Team, TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Enterprise.

Business Text Messaging Etiquette

The need for convenience, speed and efficiency has turned texting into a primary form of personal communication for most of us. However, business text messaging has become increasingly common in all sizes of businesses for the same reasons. In fact, using text to communicate with customers, colleagues and prospects is considered mainstream business behavior in today’s modern world. While it’s fun and easy to send an abbreviation-filled, emoji ridden message to a friend or family, the rules are so much different when texting clients, colleagues and your boss.

Using business text messaging as a method of communication requires us to be hyper aware of how we are communicating our message. Maintaining professionalism is critical to developing and fostering relationships with those we engage with each and every day. Here are 6 tried and true tips for practicing proper business text messaging etiquette.

Tip 1: Keep it short

There are many reasons why we prefer receiving texts, but more importantly, they are brief and to the point. We know that when we hear the ‘buzz’ or ‘ding’, we can usually glance at our phone and immediately read the message without it taking too much of our time. Text is considered a high priority, short format form of communication with a near 100% open and read rate. As a general rule, it’s best to use business text messaging much different than emailing, engaging in social media or even a phone call. Being able to keep messages short and concise helps communicate the point more efficiently and more effectively.

Tip 2: Check your tone

I’m sure we’ve all experienced a time or two where we misinterpreted someone’s tone through a text message. Tone can be tricky with typed communication… it can be hard to convey or demonstrate. It’s even harder with business text messaging, where it could be easy to sound terse. Take ample time to draft the message to say what you’d like to say. Make sure to write in complete sentences to prevent sounding too abrupt and avoid typing in caps. It’s always a good idea to read your message out loud to make sure your message can’t be perceived any other way than it’s intended to sound. A text message doesn’t allow for a lot of subtlety however has a lot of room for misinterpretation.

Tip 3: Be mindful of the time

It’s imperative that business text messaging is only used during normal business hours. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t call a client with a brilliant idea right before you climbed into bed for the evening, so make sure to not text them at that hour, either. Absolutely avoid using text on the weekends or early in the mornings. Texting needs to be about convenience for both you and your customers and shouldn’t be abused or overused. You never want your communication to feel intrusive to customers or prospects.

Tip 4: Be clear in your purpose

Before you send a text, make sure you ask yourself what the goal of the text is and what you want from the recipient? Do you want them to respond to questions you sent in an email? Do you want to confirm a meeting time? Is there a piece of critical information you’re waiting on from them? Whatever the case, it might seem like common sense but it’s critically important to be as clear as possible in your text.

Tip 5: Reply promptly

One of the biggest benefits of texting is how fast it is. Texting often conveys a sense of immediacy. When you receive a message from a customer or prospect, be sure to respond promptly. The same is true when you text a customer, they’ll likely respond within minutes. With you driving communication through business text messaging, make it your responsibility to keep this momentum going. Respect your customer’s time and hold their attention by always responding quickly.

Tip 6: Proofread

Although texting is more casual and conversational by nature, you need to still maintain a high level of professionalism when engaging in business text messaging. Typos and grammatical errors can give a negative impression of you and your brand. Proofreading is critical before sending anything in written form. With texts being an easy medium to share, they can be sent to others to weigh in on when in doubt. While we’ve all been guilty of an accidental typo due to overzealous autocorrect, always be sure to carefully proofread your texts as you would an email or any other correspondence.

If you will follow these 6 business text messaging tips, you will be viewed as someone who is professional, considerate and respectful when engaging with customers and prospects. Overall, this impacts your customer’s experience for the best.

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise. t 6;\lsd

Business Text Messaging Service for Credit Unions

The most significant shift in customer service since the 1-800 number is under way. Credit Unions are choosing to implement business text messaging service to support communicating through text as members have come to prefer this method with other businesses they engage with. Credit Unions are realizing that their members want to do more than talk and email when it comes to personal banking. Since we live in technology driven and dependent times, its essential that Credit Unions implement a mobile technology strategy that provides an alternative communication solution like business text messaging for its’ members. The strategy should address timeliness, convenience and accessibility with having the member relationship top of mind. Implementing business text messaging for your Credit Union supports each of these aspects.


Technology is best when it’s simple to use.  Members desire swift responses to their questions that do not necessarily require a lengthy phone call. Not only is it effortless to use text to answer simple questions, it supports the member relationship with the Credit Union in a positive light by providing timely answers to simple questions. Leverage text messaging service to send automatic responses to members after hours, when a Loan Officer is out of the office or over the weekends to share banking hours. This means your doors are always open to the members.

Texting Service for Business

A Business text messaging service helps support the Credit Union staff as well as the members as the dialogue is always open and transparent. By using text messaging throughout the loan process, Credit Unions have been transformative while eliminating several days overall to the entire process. Additionally, text can be used for:

  • Share loan application status
  • Provide detailed next steps and what to expect in the loan process
  • Schedule appointments to sign documents at a specific branch
  • Request additional or missing documentation needed to move the loan process forward
  • Get answers to time sensitive questions faster during busy day time hours
  • Hours of operation
  • Out of the office responders
  • Member satisfaction/Branch surveys
  • Sharing disclosures


Using business text messaging service makes it very convenient for the members and the Credit Union to communicate. Credit Unions are seeing a reduction in loan processing time by having the ability to collect loan documents through text. It’s never been easier to both send and receive necessary documentation such as photos of required paperwork, forms, and more via text message. Gather all supporting documentation in seconds and eliminate unnecessary phone calls and emails. The goal of implementing business text messaging is to provide and secure and convenient way for members to communicate with you. The ability to send real time answers to their questions directly to their mobile device is exactly what members want.


As mobile usage continues to grow, members increasingly are expecting interactive mobile capabilities. The majority of people choose texting over calling in their personal lives due to the seamless nature that texting provides. A Credit Union that is accessible to its’ members via text provides a great opportunity for business. While Credit Unions are notorious for great interest rates, leading technological enhancements for its’ members hasn’t been at the forefront.

Business text messaging service enables the ability to deliver actionable information in a preferred and a more engaging way, giving members more of what they want. Let’s think about this for a minute, texting is quicker than a phone conversation; it does not require small talk or niceties such as “how is the weather” that takes up valuable time. Text is a highly accessible way to respond and to be available to members that do not wish to have a phone conversation, and who may otherwise avoid having important questions answered.


Your business is built on relationships, and relationships are built on communication. These days, people prefer to communicate by text message, both personally and professionally. Text is personal and is what members want, and it shows. The data shows that in the financial services industry, emails have less than a 3% click rate. Comparatively with text, it’s under 3 minutes. Is text more effective and easier to use/respond to? Yes, it absolutely is. When making it easier for your members to do business with you, stronger relationships are built which is great for the Credit Union and member. Business Text messaging service helps facilitate and continue to build upon the member-Credit Union relationship. Continue building on the great relationships that you’ve established and working on establishing with integrating text into the day-to-day process.

About us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise.

Business Text Messaging Service Supports Challenges in Recruiting

Recruiting is tough work and the competition for good talent is high. With unemployment rates very low, recruiters and staffing agencies are feeling the strain more so of attracting and hiring top talent. While most people can agree that a lower unemployment rate is good, there are a lot of ways that it can make being an HR professional a lot more challenging. However, sourcing, recruiting and hiring can absolutely be successful in today’s low-unemployment environment with doing things a little differently. It’s time to get creative and move faster to secure the right talent your company needs.

Utilizing modern technology to improve recruiter productivity and a create world class candidate experience is what helps set organizations apart from others in securing top tier talent. Using a business text messaging service as another method in communicating with candidates is proving to be wildly successful. A business text messaging service supports recruiting success.

Welcome to the new way of connecting with candidates.

Higher open rates

If you don’t believe that text messages have a higher open rate, pause from reading this article and look at your email inbox. Now look at your text messages. It’s likely that your inbox has 10x or more unread emails than your phone does texts.

Business Text Messaging

Text provides a quicker and more efficient way of communicating as 97% of texts are read and responded to within 15 minutes. Using business text messaging software helps facilitate how timely your candidates and recruits respond to you, in comparison with other organizations they are in cycle with.

Text is easy and flexible

Everyone texts. It’s convenient and can be done from anywhere. When it comes to using text in the recruiting process, it literally can be used anywhere.

Use business text messaging to:

  • Acknowledge applications are received and expected next steps
  • Prescreening
  • Scheduling initial and subsequent interviews
  • Specific instructions for the interview (location, directions, parking)
  • Post interview follow up
  • Feedback about the entire candidate experience from start to finish
  • Onboarding of new hires
  • Referrals
  • Reminders for interviews and other relevant information
  • Brief check in’s

Text builds relationships and establishes trust

Candidates can feel disconnected and unsure when a company takes too long to acknowledge their interest in a job. According to a survey from Indeed, building connected relationships with candidates is an essential part to being a great recruiter. Trust is built when a company views your application and promptly reaches out. When a company takes too long to respond, candidates probably ask themselves why they would want to work for a company that makes them feel undervalued. Using text messaging software will help facilitate that vital connection from the very beginning interaction with candidates.

Text increases recruiter productivity and decreases time to hire

Imagine a day where improved time to hire is a reality by modifying a few processes. Just by streamlining a few steps in the recruitment process, that can be a reality. As recruiter productivity increases, time to hire decreases.  There are so many steps in the full recruitment process which means a lot of time spent on tedious tasks. Adding a business text messaging service into the daily process helps laborious processes become exponentially more dynamic.  Business text messaging technology offers a variety of features like auto responders to address the issues plaguing recruiter and staffing productivity.

Use text to maintain contact with candidates for future opportunities

As a recruiter you’re fully aware that you can’t make contact with someone and cross your fingers that they will keep your company in mind for a position in the future. It just doesn’t work. To keep your pipeline of candidates warm, it’s vital to maintain regular contact. These pools are generally candidates that were not hired for the position they applied for but there is agreement that they should be considered for other similar opportunities when they arise. If you don’t stay in contact, you’ll most likely lose the opportunity to connect with them for future positions. This regular and proactive contact is yet another demonstration of an excellent candidate experience, which speaks volumes of your company. Using business text messaging to facilitate this regular contact is a streamlined and simple way to stay engaged.

The TextBetter business text messaging service uses email as the vehicle to communicate. The candidate receives the content sent as a text message to their device, just as they are accustomed to. Both candidates and recruiters can send and receive attachments via text, including pictures. With continuity being vital to the candidate experience, the same phone number is used for both text and phone communication.

Business text messaging is certainly changing the playing field and the changing the way recruiting takes place. Partnering with a business text messaging company like TextBetter will strengthen communication and recruitment efforts in conjunction with successfully help support your 2019 recruiting and hiring organizational goals.

About us

TextBetter™ is a business texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Team, TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Enterprise