How a business texting service changes the game for title companies

A business texting service for title companies provides a better, more efficient and streamlined way to reach clients faster. Stop struggling with phone tag and unreturned emails. Start using a more effective approach to help get your job done faster.

As a title company, you and your team spend a lot of time coordinating with people. The paperwork required to complete is often seen as a difficult, if not near-impossible task as your borrowers are unavailable or completely unresponsive. How about getting to the point of closing? Scheduling the actual closing itself can be as difficult as pushing a 500-pound boulder up a hill—by yourself—it’s just not going to happen!  One of the key issues is that your clients are likely not in sync with the same priorities as you…. getting everything that is required to complete the loan.

Business Texting Service

The problems a business texting service address

Let’s take a moment and look at it from your client’s perspective. To set the stage, put yourself in their shoes and think about how many personal emails do you receive each day, on average. What do you think that number is? Would you believe that there are over 117 billion consumer emails sent on a daily basis!  With that being said, that number breaks down to consumers receiving on average, roughly 125 emails on a daily basis. This number just represents the personal emails sent and does not take into consideration the volume of emails sent or received through employers.  No wonder why your emails aren’t getting returned…they just aren’t being seen due to the mass volume of personal emails clients are receiving. 

Emails don’t stand out; however, texts do. A business texting service serves as a catalyst to prompt clients to action.

How does a business texting service help? There are many ways a business texting service is used in title companies. Here are a few to consider.

Grab client’s attention

Text to prompt clients to look at their email. In fact, 97% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes. Given this scenario, it’s highly likely that once they receive your text, they’ll take the necessary steps that are required on their end.

A business texting service provides a way to get your clients attention quickly to help expedite response. An example of this is:

  • “Hi Scott, I just emailed a form that I need your signature on. Will you please review it and get it back to me today? Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!”

Follow up on missing documents

Gathering the required documents for each client can be frustrating, especially since you are dependent on them to deliver in order for you to move forward. Regardless of the number of emails sent, phone calls placed, it still rests on the shoulders of your clients to deliver this critical information.

Using a business texting service as a reminder of the deliverables owed to you is effective for title companies.

  • “Hi Sarah, were you able to locate your 2018 taxes by chance? Thanks!”
  • “Heather, just wanted to see if you needed the DocuSign link again? I am not showing it has been completed yet. Please LMK. Thanks!”
Business Texting Service

A business texting services provides another way to communicate with clients who are hard to reach. It’s a great resource to use to prompt action as people read texts right away.

Schedule closings

There are a lot of people in the process that need to be coordinated with in order to make a closing happen…from buyers, sellers, realtors, mortgage brokers. Using a business texting service to communicate and coordinate helps eliminate delays in scheduling through email.

Title professionals find success in scheduling and confirming closing using a business texting service. One text can be sent to all parties involved.

  • “Does 10:30 am next Tuesday work to close on the Canyon Road property?” 

If it works, great. If not, you’ll work to find a time that does. Regardless, texting provides a much faster and painless way to schedule in comparison to the alternatives of email and phone.

Once the closing is scheduled, leverage a business texting service to remind and confirm the details. This could include the location, any special instructions, parking information, etc. 

Provides an exceptional customer experience

Your clients have so many questions that they are anxious to have answered during this process. Of course, you’re happy to help answer whatever they are but the phone tag game just isn’t getting the job done and email may not be the best vehicle to address the questions. It certainly becomes a challenge to balance at times as there are multiple clients to juggle at once! This is where a business texting service levels up their experience with your company. They want to text you and you to text them.

A business texting service provides the ability for a client to text the same number they are accustomed to reaching you at…your office line. Not only does this provide a seamless customer experience, it enables your clients to reach you on that number via voice or text, their choice.

  • “Jake, I was reviewing the disclosures and have a question on page 7. Will you please call me when you have a few minutes to discuss? Thank you.”

How a business texting service works

TextBetter is a business texting service that makes it easy from start to finish. We use your email to send and receive texts from your existing landline number. By simply pairing the two, you’ll send, receive and manage text conversations directly from your email inbox – without having to download (or change) a thing.

Think this sounds complicated? It’s not. Your landline number can be enabled for texting in these 4 easy steps.

  1. Pick Your Plan Whether you’re a team of 5 or company of 5,000 – we have a plan that’s right for you. Our plans are flexible, affordable and designed to give you everything you need and a little more
  2. Send Us Your User Information – Simply send us an email with the name, email address and landline number for each user so we can get started on account set-up. Text messages will be sent directly to and from the email address associated with each phone number. The TextBetter user will be able to send and receive text messages directly from their email account. 
  3. Verify Your Number – Once we’ve called you on your landline and authenticated your telephone number, we’ll text-enable each user by pairing their landline number with their email account. The entire pairing process takes just a few minutes, without any downloads, applications or new software to install.
  4. Start Texting – Once you get an email confirming that set-up is complete, you’re ready to start texting!

Ready to get started?

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