Considerations for choosing a business text messaging provider

Once the decision is made to use business text messaging, the next step can be overwhelming…choosing the provider to work with. There are many options when it comes to this, however selecting the right company based off of your needs and what their business text messaging service provides is essential. It’s a competitive industry and each of these providers would like your business. There are several important factors to consider when doing your research and ultimately making the selection.

Here are 8 essentials to consider when choosing a business text messaging provider.

1. Complexity

There is nothing that says ‘failure to adopt’ from the beginning if it’s a complex set up or implementation. There shouldn’t be pages and pages of documentation of how to get up and running. It should require a minimal to no lift from your organization and users need to be able to get up to speed quickly. The key is that a business text messaging solution should be intuitive and easy to use, just as text messaging is designed to be. 

2. Support

What’s more frustrating than not having a team to help support questions that may need to be answered? Also, it’s worth considering how the support team can lend their insight and expertise when it comes to the practical application of business text messaging in your office. Excellent customer support teams are familiar with the usage of each client, best practices and how your business can make the most of the service. 

Business Text Messaging

3. Business needs

Business text messaging providers aren’t necessarily equipped to handle every business need. There are unique goals for each company based upon the need for text. Choosing a provider that has a ‘one size fits all’ methodology just isn’t prudent. It’s critical to select a partner that truly understands what you’re trying to accomplish and can share best practices based on other customers in your industry, market or have similar goal alignment.

4. Scalability

Any business text messaging service provider should be able to scale as your business grows. Choosing to work with a provider that has an enterprise grade business text messaging solution is prudent as they’ll have the infrastructure in place when your business is ready. If it’s 5 lines today and 5,000 lines 2 years from now, minimize the potential impact to your business by selecting a provider that has the experience and technology required to support your growth.

5. Features

What are the most important features to your business? Prioritize the needs then find suppliers that align with those. Is it important to have messages archived? What about integrating with a CRM or other internal software? Is there an importance to have autoresponders? Whatever the case, identify the features you can and can’t live without and go from there. It’s safe to say that not every available feature will be used by your business. 

6. Pricing

Consider business text messaging providers that offer flexible pricing options. Some providers have hidden fees and charge for each text that is sent. Many providers offer plans that are inclusive and do not limit the number of texts or content, such as pictures, being sent.  Be sure to understand the pricing structure to help eliminate unneeded and unwanted features.

7. Automation

Automation capabilities support increased efficiency and productivity when it comes to standard or common questions. Consider a text message provider that has the ability for automated keyword responses that can help streamline communication with customers.

8. Integration

Text messaging if for communication which means you’re probably want to save and archive each text that is being sent. Understanding the history of communication provides a significance that will be impactful over the life of the customer and can help determine future offers or steps with each and every customer. It can help guide conversation and help personalize responses. Choose a business text messaging provider that has the ability to interface with your CRM or other internal systems.

There are dozens and dozens of business text messaging providers that provide value and can make the case to help support your company. TextBetter is a world-class business text messaging solution that supports all size of businesses. Our industry experience is unparalleled and have experts to answer questions and offer solutions to help maximize using text in your business.

To learn more about our features or pricing, call or text us today.

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