Business Texting Solution for Recruiters

I attended the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual convention in Chicago in June. One of the key themes of the convention was finding enough qualified applicants for the available positions. Recruiters and human resource professionals are under increasing pressure in today’s job market and economy. Competition is fierce.

One thing that is certain is that clever recruiters are using new tools and technologies to give them an edge over other recruiters. The recruiters with the edge get to the golden applicants first.


The business challenge: Communication has changed. Gone are the days where applicants want to speak on the phone with multiple recruiters or respond to never ending emails. Applicants prefer to communicate via text. Like all consumers, they want INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

The solution: TextBetter™ text enables your landline phone number and gives you the ability to communicate via text without giving out your personal cell phone number.


Here are a few ways that Recruiters are using TextBetter™ to communicate with potential applicants.

  • Use a business texting solution to text the applicant to let them know you’ve received their application and that they’re qualified.
  • Text the candidate to set their interview appointment info and to let them know they got the position.
  • Send them a quick text on the morning of their first day at their new job telling them, “Good Luck,” and remember to bring their proper documentation.
  • Use business texting solution to text to allow your candidates to reach out to you at their convenience and to enable candidates to explore all open jobs. Not just the one they reached out about.

Why is a business text solution so effective?

  • Job seekers check and respond to texts immediately. Emails aren’t checked regularly.
  • Edge out the competition by getting to them first. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are responded to within 15 minutes.
  • By separating your business texts from personal texts, you can now avoid any accidental mixing of the two

How does it work?

  • TextBetter will text enable your office line. This will allow you to send and receive business text messages directly from your business email. By text enabling your landline phone number, you can now give out just one phone number for both phone calls and text.
  • TextBetter enables you to manage your texts just like you do your emails. You can now archive your conversations with your candidates.
  • By separating your business texts from personal texts, you can now avoid any accidental mixing of the two.

Ideas and tips on how recruiters are using business text messaging to be more effective and more efficient

  • Have you ever had candidates not be able to find your location or call in to ask for your address?
  • Keywords can be set up such as “address”, your candidate texts your business line with the keyword and an automatic response of the physical address is sent back to them.
  • Worried about missing texts after hours? You can set up auto-responders stating that the text was received and will be responded to during normal business hours.
  • Don’t worry about not being glued to your office computer all day. You can also get all your business texts on the go.

Business Texting Solution

Fill your open positions faster by leveraging business texting solutions in your recruitment process. Are you ready to evolve your methods of communication? You can start reaping the benefits of your landline outside of traditional phone calls by utilizing business texting solutions.

Have questions on how TextBetter can make business text messaging work for you? Call or text us today at 800-322-1112

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