Business texting services: most common phrases used

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries, are using business texting services as a way to communicate with employees and customers. Text messages are a quick, easy way to ask a question, relay a short message or to provide more information without a voice call and without sending an email message which can be more formal and more time consuming.

What are some common uses for business texting services?

Appointment Confirmations via a Texting Service for Business

Our customers tell us that their most common use of a business texting service is for confirming appointments. Why? 97% of people read text messages within 15 minutes or less. If you’re not using text messaging for confirming appointments, this is a great tool you can put in your arsenal to increase appointments being kept with your business. And by sending the text message from your business landline, if the customer needs to change the appointment, you can just put “call us back at this number, if you want to change your appointment” in the text message body. No need to provide a different number to call back.

Business texting services made easy

Repair Quote via a Texting Service for Business

Auto body repair shops, bicycle shops, jewelry stores, and virtually all businesses that run a repair operation will frequently need to work up a quote and get customer approval before doing the work. Sending a text from your business phone number is easy and in fact you just send the text from your email by putting the phone [email protected] into the “to” line in your email client and just type the message. And with the TextBetter™ business texting service, you can even send an attachment which will be sent as picture in the text message for a small upgrade of only $5.00 per month for MMS service.

Employees and Scheduling Communications via a Texting Service for Business

Restaurants, personnel staffing companies, recruiters and may other businesses have found that using a business texting service is an immediate way to communicate changes of schedule, interviews, or other time-sensitive communications. With 97% of people responding to text messages within 15 minutes, your time-sensitive communication is easier and more likely to be read and replied to, particularly with millennials who live on text and social media (not on email). However, TextBetter™ is also superior to just sending and receiving text messages from a mobile phone number because the text messages sent and received on your TextBetter™ account are stored in your sent items and inbox items in outlook. And if you’re like me, you can type much faster on a keyboard vs on a smart phone. And you can have templates set up if you frequently send the same messages over and over again.

Those are the most common uses of a business texting service. But it doesn’t stop there. You will find your own unique way to leverage this communication tool to more effectively get your work done. If you want to learn more or have questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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