Business text messaging guidelines

There is no doubt that business text messaging is timely and efficient. The use of business text messaging in daily communication has dramatically increased in adoption and usage over the last few years. While it is fast and convenient for both business and customers, it certainly has a set of challenges. Messages can be incomplete. Words can be misspelled. The meaning of the message can be misinterpreted. The tone could be distorted. As business text messaging continues to increase in popularity, it’s important to understand the anatomy of drafting and sending a proper professional text

While there isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all approach” or “secret sauce” for perfect business text messaging, there are several guidelines and considerations to take note of. Here are 10 elements to apply when your fingers hit the keyboard to begin the draft of your message.

  1. Keep it short. The best part of texting is how quick and easy it is to communicate. Messages should be able to be read in a matter of seconds and responded to with ease. It’s best to limit the text with no more than two sentences.
  2. Make it personal. The message should be personal to the customer and appropriate to your business.
  3. Pay attention to tone. The tone of the texts we exchange with friends and family are much different than in our professional lives. With business text messaging, be mindful of both business and text appropriate tones before hitting send. There is a delicate blend between not sounding stuffy and using language that you may use outside of work. Make sure the tone is energetic, upbeat and polite.
  4. Clearly communicate. There should be zero confusion as to what you are trying to say. It’s best to not leave misinterpretation to chance and potentially cause conflict and/or a missed business opportunity. Make sure your message, along with your ask, is clear. It’s always best to review the text for clarity before sending.
  5. Spelling and punctuation. This might seem like something that just doesn’t need to be mentioned…but it absolutely does. You may think that text messaging is casual enough to not use spell check or even use correct placement of apostrophes or commas. The fact is, it does matter when representing your company and brand. Business text messaging should always include the use of correct punctuation and spelled words. 
  6. Timing matters. It’s best to limit business text messaging communication to work hours. 
  7. Sign off with intention. Text threads can go on and on, as though each person doesn’t want to be the first to close the conversation. Be aware of when the goal of the text has been reached. Thank them for the information provided, promise to follow up and/or be clear of the next step. Don’t leave customers wondering what may be going on by not closing the conversation.
  8. Be mindful of frequency. Business text messaging can easily become an annoyance to your audience if it’s perceived that messages are sent too often. Sending multiple messages that could easily be sent in one might be something you do to your friends, but definitely not your customers. Before the message is sent, always consider if email is a more prudent communication method for the topic or goal of the message.
  9. Make it easy to reply. Keeping your texts short and sweet also means you need to keep them clear. If you’re asking your recipient a question, make it easy for them to provide a simple yes or no answer. Consider phrasing your message in a way that does not require a lengthy detailed explanation. 
  10. Be prompt in your response. There is an assumption that there will be a pretty swift response to a text message. Unless you are unavailable, make the effort to respond quickly, otherwise your lack of response could be seen as you just don’t care of the customer/issue isn’t important enough for you. If for some reason you cannot or did not respond to the message quickly, make sure to offer an apology for your tardiness in response as soon as possible.

About Us

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