Business Text Messaging for Logistics Organizations

Companies that manage large fleets and supply chains are responsible for coordinating thousands of deliveries each and every day throughout the United States. No matter the size and scale of the fleet management company, there are several opportunities where communication can breakdown be it with the driver, the store, supplier or distribution center. Implementing a business text messaging service as part of the process can help improve overall operational efficiency. A third party logistics study done in 2018 found that the number one challenge in communication was due to delays arising from the use of email. With that being said, there is a large opportunity to mitigate the potential delays through business text messaging.

Logistic companies can use business text messaging in their daily operations

Text messages by nature are short and sweet. There is no delay between when the message is sent and when or how it arrives. There is no noise or endless sentences to read. In an industry where real-time updates and clarity is vital, it makes absolute sense that logistics organizations have adopted business text messaging as an important method for communication.

Logistic companies can use business text messaging in their daily operations

Consider using business text messaging in the following situations:

Business text messaging can be used to alert the necessary parties when there is a delay or change in the drop-off or pick-up schedule.

  • Example: Perhaps a driver is stuck in traffic due to an accident, he can notify the warehouse that the delivery will be delayed.

Leverage the immediacy of business text messaging and send delivery information to drivers, especially in the event of delivery changes or modifications.

  • Example: If the shipment is supposed to be received by a specific individual and they are out for the day, the client services team can send a quick text informing who the new point of contact is.
  • Example: Should there be a change in the time available for the delivery, that communication can be sent via text informing the driver.

Business text messaging has positive impacts

Call volume reduction

Customer service is wholly important in logistics. Lack of or inefficient communication disrupts and frustrates the supply chain. When logistics companies use business text messaging, call volume can significantly be reduced from drivers and customers alike. Text will help augment phone conversations and can be more efficient.

Customer Engagement

One of the great benefits that isn’t necessarily realized in this industry is that business text messaging can also be used as a way to engage with customers. While there should be a set of guidelines developed and followed by every company, it’s a great way to meet customers where they are at….in the land of text. With an open rate of 97%, it makes sense to leverage the power text within your company.

Satisfaction and feedback

Drivers are on the front line of your business and understand where improvements can be made in the field. Their satisfaction is essential to the operation and to efficiency. When using business text messaging, the two-way communication can be used to send and receive feedback surveys from the drivers. This proactive approach allows for improvements to be made to the distribution centers or headquarters.

Updated business practices

Using business text messaging can help replace potentially outdated business practices.  At times, these outdated processes can really impact business and of course, the bottom line.

  • Example: A fleet office is managing job schedules via a whiteboard. That process can be messy, confusing, and lead to missed shifts and potential deliveries. Using text to communicate with drivers during their shift can help mitigate scheduling issues.

When using business text messaging as your main communication channel or to augment existing channels really helps provide flexible communications options you can use to reach drivers, customers and partners with more ease. Better and more simplistic communications means it’s much easier to run your business while addressing the potential challenges of the logistics industry right now. Small improvements in communications, like business text messaging, can help bring in new revenue opportunities while being an innovator in the industry.

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