7 pro tips for finding the best business texting service

You have made the decision to modernize your communication strategy with text and now are beginning to research to determine the best business texting service in the marketplace today. If you’re like every other business looking to find the best business texting service, you turn to the internet. There are pages and pages of results! It can be very overwhelming to try and understand the various differences in pricing options, plans, services, features, etc. that each individual company promotes, especially at a simple glance.

In an effort to help streamline finding, evaluating and selecting the best business texting service out there today, the team at TextBetter put together their top 7 tips for this process. These tips are for every business to consider, regardless of the size of the organization. Business text messaging is for every business communicating with customers.

Tip #1: Outstanding Customer Support and Customer Service

The best business texting service will always provide the most outstanding support to its customers. There should be a team available to offer assistance, service, and support when needed most. Live support should be provided via phone, email or text, based upon personal preference. Additionally, online documentation should be included on the website as a self-service option.

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Tip #2: Experience Matters

Having knowledge and experience is essential. The best business texting service will be able to not just talk about business texting and what makes their company so great, but they will listen and ask questions to make sure they have a solid understanding of the business needs and goals with integrating text messaging. 

There are dozens of one size fits all companies that claim they are the best business texting service. Choose a provider that truly takes the time you deserve to have your questions answered and can help address the challenges you are hoping to solve by integrating business texting into the mix. A company with the right experience will make recommendations and provide scenarios and share best practices within the industry to help you reach your goals.

Tip #3: Uncomplicated From Start to Finish

A provider that claims they are the best business texting service should have a very uncomplicated service and an uncomplicated implementation. Consider the user experience for each member that will leverage the business texting solution. Is it technical? Does it require a lengthy set up with a lot of IT resources? Is there a piece of software to download or install that may complicate the approval and/or implementation process? Or, is it cloud-based which tends to cut down on all of the minutiae that comes along with software installations? 

The best business service should be uncomplicated from start to finish and should work seamlessly with your existing telephone system and carrier without any hardware or software to install. Choose a company where no changes will be made to your telephone system. 

Tip #4: Integrations

Opt for a solution that can be easily integrated with any existing CRM’s or other desired infrastructure. The best business texting service understands the need for integrations as they can help establish more automated workflows which can help reduce overall operating costs. From a business perspective, it’s essential to have these integrations in place as it helps drive employee productivity and engagement to a higher level while still providing giving customers a first-class experience.

How to find the best business texting service

Tip #5: Future Business Growth

Perhaps initially you’re considering just starting with a few hundred messages a month while you’re integrating SMS into your process. Thinking down the road, the best business texting service will accommodate anticipated future needs. By selecting a provider that supports the desired growth now, this will eliminate the need to change providers as there’s a need to increase users or usage across your business.

Tip #6: Tailored Keywords and Autoresponders

One of the most popular features for business text messaging is the autoresponder. The best business texting service will provide this feature which provides the ability to create and send an automated response. This is helpful as it is an easy way to help influence and ensure a positive customer experience. Autoresponders can be set up in advance, so businesses don’t have to respond to each customer individually. These messages can be programmed to be sent only when certain criteria are met, such as for a keyword or an employee is out of the office.

Tip #7: Two-way Conversational Texting

Not all business texting services are the same. In fact, many of them do not allow what is critically important —- two-way conversational texting. The best business texting service will offer two-way texting, allowing the customer to dynamically engage with the business or individual and vice versa. Giving customers a choice in their communication preference with you leads to overall better customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Business texting by TextBetter 

TextBetter is the best business texting service for many reasons (err…. not so subtle plug for our company). At least this is what we hear from our customers!

We offer a robust set of features and make it downright easy for you to send and receive texts from your landline number. TextBetter converts your email into a text message and delivers it with your landline number listed as the sender. It is really that easy. It works with any 11-digit number (toll-free & VoIP numbers included), so you can use your existing telephone number and get set-up in minutes. There are no hidden fees, contracts or downloads.

Text messaging is such a convenient, immediate and simple channel of communication that everyone is familiar with. This is exactly why your business should use text messaging, to connect with your audience. So, the question is, what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of other businesses using TextBetter to effectively communicate with customers the way they prefer, by text.

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