Telinta and TextBetter Team Up for SMS Solutions for VoIP Service Providers in the US

  • Unique white label solution enables any US phone number to both send and receive SMS via the end user’s email without changing ownership or porting DIDs.
  • Both TextBetter™ and Telinta offer special sign-up promotions for new customers.

Springfield, NJ and Aurora, NE (December 26, 2018) Telinta, a global leader in cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions, and TextBetter, the provider of innovative SMS solutions, today announced a joint offer to meet the evolving needs of VoIP service providers.

TextBetter offers a white label service that SMS-enables any US phone number to both send and receive text messages via email. VoIP service providers using Telinta’s hosted softswitch platform can easily add TextBetter’s SMS services for a comprehensive solution using any US-based phone number from any DID provider.

This powerful cloud-based combination of VoIP switching, billing, and SMS technology requires no software or hardware for service providers. TextBetter pairs the end user’s existing email with an associated phone number, so that SMS messages can be both sent and received via the end user’s existing email address and client. This unique SMS solution can complement VoIP services such as Hosted PBX, Business and Residential VoIP, Mobile and other services offered via Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform.

“TextBetter’s SMS solutions unlocks tremendous value for VoIP service providers and resellers,” said Dean Garfinkel, TextBetter CEO. “Our partnership with Telinta represents an exciting new chapter for the VoIP Industry as a whole.”

“Since 2002, Telinta has helped VoIP service providers around the world to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, using innovative cloud-based solutions offered by both Telinta and our partners,” said Alex Ferdman, Telinta’s CEO. “TextBetter is a unique and valuable addition to our comprehensive ecosystem of industry-leading partners.”

Telinta customers who sign up with TextBetter for its white label Text service will receive 30% off TextBetter white label MRC rates. TextBetter customers who sign up for new service with Telinta will receive a one-time $400 credit for hosted Switching and Billing.

Please contact [email protected] for more details.

About TextBetter

TextBetter is a business-texting service that makes it easy for businesses to send and receive text messages using their landline number(s). Our patent pending service, coupled with our ability to text enable any number (toll or toll free) without porting or controlling them, makes for an easy deployment. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into existing business models, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise. Please visit for more details.

About Telinta

Founded in 2002, Telinta, Inc. offers secure and reliable cloud-based Switching and Billing solutions for VoIP service providers around the globe. Telinta’s full portfolio of white label carrier-grade solutions is highly customizable for VoIP service providers and their resellers. This includes Hosted PBX, Business and Residential VoIP, Audio-Conferencing, Calling Card, Pinless, Mobile, Callback, Wholesale VoIP and other solutions. Please visit us at for more information.

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Best Landline Texting Service for any size Business

By now, I bet you’re sold on the fact that texting is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers. You’ve done your research and are considering text messaging solutions for business. You already understand the limitless benefits and power of incorporating texting into your process. But now what?

Choosing the right text messaging solution for business provider likely seems overwhelming given the number of vendors in the mix today. I’m sure today you did a search and there were several paid ads that perhaps were interesting enough to look at. I get it. It’s hard to know which is the best. Here are a handful of considerations when making a decision of text messaging solutions for business.

What Matters Most


Before committing to a solution provider, it’s crucial that you check that they have sufficient knowledge and experience. Consider how long they’ve been in operation and what type of clients they work with. It’s also helpful to ask how those clients use the services as you can learn a lot from this and learn where opportunities may be for you to integrate.

Ease of use

Who wants to learn another complicated piece of technology? Think of how this piece could impact your team. If it isn’t intuitive, this could detract from their day to day work. It may be wise to consider a provider that will allow you to try their messaging solution and ensure their platform is one you can use with ease before you make the financial investment and time commitment. In the long run, this step could save you time and valuable resources. With TextBetter™, our landline texting service offers a free trial to give you an opportunity to test it out before you buy.

Landline Texting is simple to use

Think about future growth

Perhaps initially you’re considering just starting with a few hundred messages a month while you’re integrating SMS into your process. Thinking down the road, you’ll want to select a text messaging solution for business that will accommodate anticipated future needs. By selecting a provider that supports the desired growth now, this will eliminate the need to change providers as you desire to increase usage across your business.


Opt for a platform that can be easily integrated with your existing CRM or desired infrastructure. Integrations can help establish more automated workflows which can help reduce overall operating costs. Our landline texting service with your CRM system to help drive employee productivity and engagement to a higher level while giving customers a first-class experience.


Text messaging solutions for business should work seamlessly with your existing telephone system and carrier without any hardware or software to install. Choose a company where no changes will be made to your telephone system or carrier. Some providers have the ability to have your telephone number(s) text enabled quickly…in some cases, you can be sending/receiving text messages in less than 30 minutes right from your existing email account. Our landline text service lets you send and receive text messages using your own email account. With our landline texting service, there is no software to configure or install.

Service and support

A reputable landline texting service provider will have a team that will offer support when it is needed most. In your vetting process, choose a company that won’t make you feel that you’ll need to be the solution expert overnight.

Ready to get started? It’s easy. TextBetter uses your email account to transmit text messages to and from your landline number by simply pairing the two. You’ll send, receive, and manage text conversations directly from your business email. No downloads or software installs either. Simple, right?

About Us

TextBetter™ is a business-texting service that makes it easy to send or receive texts from your landline number. Our cloud-based service effortlessly integrates into your existing business model, without having to install new software or change how you do business. Through our three separate product offerings, we proudly cater to organizations of all sizes: TextBetter Basic, TextBetter Business, TextBetter Enterprise.

Text vs. Email: Why using landline texting service is best for sales

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend regarding the evolution of how we communicate during the sales process. He pointed out how several businesses that he is familiar with, are eager to try new and innovative ways, to not just gain market share, but to experiment with potentially more effective ways to communicate – landline texting comes to mind.

When we think of sending a text message, our knee jerk is to reach for our cell phone. We know how effective text is; to communicate urgency or to get a quick answer without the formality of setting up a call. Adoption of landline text services for business has been slow but shouldn’t be.

I use the term landline text service because business needs to text enable existing landline telephone numbers. Now customers can call or text the same number. Landline texting takes about 15 minutes to set up. The lift, thanks to service providers is small and the landline text service is inexpensive. In fact, many customers are probably texting you already – and you just don’t know it because until you text enable your landlines, these text message go into the black hole.

Most sales pros, HR teams or logistics teams have dedicated office lines. Why not text enable these numbers aka landline texting. Texting has become widely adopted and accepted as part of the communication process and it tends to be more effective at times than email.

The case for business landline texting

The case for texting

As you very well know from your own personal experience, text messages do not pose a challenge for attracting your attention. When we receive a text, our phone lights up, buzzes (or does a somersault, lands with a “taaaadaaaaa” sound) and catches your eye…this certainly leads to a very high chance of looking to see what was just sent.

Now, if your phone isn’t within immediate reach, or if you’re not wearing a smartwatch to check messages, you’ll certainly read the texts you’ve missed by the end of the day. To take it one step further, to make sure we don’t miss the messages, most phones will continue to remind us that a text has been received until it’s opened/read. Now, let’s put this into perspective and what this means for your business.

Texts are immediate

Texts are delivered instantly and read quickly. Statistics say that 95% of all text messages are opened and responded to within 15 minutes or less. In the context of your business, think about the immediacy and the impact it could have.

Using texts to get a swift response increases the chance of closing a deal quicker or improving response time in general. How could this immediacy of using a landline texting service impact your business? Perhaps it’s just letting a customer know that a quote is ready to view, that a document has been sent and ready for signature or perhaps a piece of information is missing that is critical for the next step.

Let’s discuss emails for a second…we know they aren’t THAT immediate. Email sent to prospects for example, just aren’t checked or replied to as frequently. Texts are anywhere customers are. That is why your teams need to use landline texting to get ahead of your competitors.

With customers being fully mobile, why aren’t you taking advantage of that? The benefits of being able to receive texts anywhere also apply to being able to send one. Using a landline texting service enables your business to reach customers or prospects no matter where they are.

No spam filters with a landline texting service

Think about this…customers are often flooded with hundreds of emails each and every day. That’s where the ‘junk folder’ and spam filters come in to the picture. Today, text messages aren’t filtered out and will be seen. This certainly promotes the case for why texting holds such a clear advantage.

It’s important to mention that there needs to be a way for customers to opt out of receiving texts at any point.

Stay top of mind and ahead of competition

With the inundation of emails, phone calls and social media pings, using a landline texting service for your business will help distinguish you from everyone else. Text is certainly more personal and can help build a lasting relationship. Your customers want communication that is personal, quick and convenient. What a better way to address those needs than through a text? With texts generally being the fastest way to communicate, it forces the purpose of the communication quickly. This being an advantage for both the customer and the business.

To learn how organizations just like yours have integrated a landline texting service in their communications process, please reach out to us, we’d love to share.

Business Text Messaging & The College Recruiting Process

In the last few years leading up to 2018, the college recruiting effort has been the most effective of all HR practices at large corporations (think Geico, Deloitte, etc.). The competition in recruiting the most in demand students has become incredibly stiff. In order to successfully deliver the in-demand candidates, your corporation must implement new best practices. College recruits are demanding and need the most interaction, and this generation prefers instant gratification.

This is where business text messaging comes into play. Give your recruiters the capability to use text for business to communicate with their recruits. Allowing your college recruiting team use business text messaging as their primary method of communication will make your corporation stand out. Text messaging shows your recruits that you understand their preferences. Remaining relevant in corporate college recruiting efforts require you to use the channel of communication that your recruits prefer, i.e. Text Messaging!

Cell phones dominate student communication because college students have their cell phones on them 24/7. If you want to get a response from a potential recruit, send them a text message. You are likely to get a response quicker than any other form of communication. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are responded to within 15 minutes.

There are different ways that you can use business text messaging throughout the cycle of onboarding a new hire

There are different ways that you can use business text messaging throughout the cycle of onboarding a new hire:

  • Recruiters use business text to communicate with recruits.
  • Managers keep in touch with new hires via business text prior to start date.
  • HR texts the open enrollment link to new hires.
  • Etc.

How does it work?

  • TextBetter will text enable your office line. This will allow you to send and receive business text messages directly from your business email. By text enabling your landline phone number, you can now give out just one phone number for both phone calls and text.
  • TextBetter enables you to manage your texts just like you do your emails. You can now archive your conversations with your candidates.
  • By separating your business texts from personal texts, you can now avoid any accidental mixing of the two.

Ideas for how Business Text Messaging will make your College Recruiting team more efficient:

  • Have your students or potential candidates text the name of a specific job title, and have a Keyword set up to automatically respond with the job description or link to apply.
  • Worried about missing texts after hours? You can set up auto-responders stating that the text was received and will be responded to during normal business hours.

Text enable your college recruiters today! Don’t be afraid to shorten the recruiting cycle and try a different approach with your recruits. Edge out the competition by getting to them first.
Have questions on how TextBetter can make business text messaging work for you? Call or text us today at 800-322-1112.

SMS marketing made easy, with TextBetterSend a personalized texts hundreds of recipients at once, like appointment reminders & special announcements.

Our SMS Marketing Wizard instantly sends a personalized text to each recipient individually, creating a 1:1 conversation that is private and easily managed. And when someone replies, we'll convert their SMS into an email and delivered it right back to your inbox.

How It Works

1. Upload Your File: using our online portal, you can easily upload your list of recipients and desired message. File type must be csv. or txt.; you can view a sample file, here.


2. Tell Us Your Email: 30 minutes after your job is completed, our SMS Marketing Wizard will automatically email a delivery report to this address. The report confirms when the job is complete and tells you if any of your telephone numbers were invalid*

* (most landlines, and many VoIP numbers, do not accept text. In these scenarios, our delivery report will identify these numbers as 'invalid' and forward you the results; giving you the power to pick the right medium for your message, and ensure it's delivered).

3. Click Send! Within minutes, your personalized message is delivered. And when someone replies, we'll convert their SMS into an email and deliver it right back to your inbox. We automatically handle opt-outs... and, did we mention replies are free?

Pricing Info

>> Pay-as-you-go: text as many numbers as like, for just $0.04 a message. No contracts, no hidden fees and no fine print. Replies are free, and we automatically handle out-opts for you | For Business & Enterprise customers only.
Schedule a call with sales | click here