UniqueTaxx loves business texting with TextBetter

TextBetter business texting.

We recently received the following comments from our friends at UniqueTaxx.

“I am loving this service. I have had multiple uses this week alone. It is great not to mess with my cell phone to get messages and also easier for me to print the pdf of our conversation to store in our clients permanent file. Thank you so much for this Dean! “

Sam Eddy, CPA – owner

Thanks Sam for sharing these comments. The ability to archive conversations within the existing email functionality and print conversations is just another reason that every business should be business texting with TextBetter.

Use Case: Dentist Office

Dr Perez Family Dentistry LogoDr Eric Perez, DDS purchased his own practice in Napa, California in 2010. He has 7 employees on staff including 2 receptionist that greet patients, set and confirm appointments, collect payments, work with insurance companies and keep the office running smoothly. Up until a few months ago, all communication was done with patients through phone calls and email.

Dr Perez has always known that texting was a great way to communicate with patients but the few times that he tried using a texting application, the application would be unreliable and not work as expected and quickly the front office would stop using it. It became more of a hassle than a help. Continue reading “Use Case: Dentist Office”

18 Stats That Show Why Businesses Need To Text

The Case For Using Texting In Your Business

Business Texting StatAre you using texting in your business as part of your communications strategy with both customers and employees? If you aren’t, why not? Both customers and employees want to communicate more through texting. Remember, it isn’t 2005 any more. Check out these amazing stats to see why texting has become so popular.

• 97% of all text messages are opened in less than 15 minutes

• Less than 1% of all text messages are spam.

• 30% of consumers interact with a brand through text messages Continue reading “18 Stats That Show Why Businesses Need To Text”

TextBetter™ suite of Text products Receives Technovation Award

Image of Kelsey Olsen Accepting PACE Technovation Award for TextBetter

TextBetter™ received the Technovation Award on April 4, 2017 during the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Convention and Exposition in Tampa, FL. TextBetter is a simple patent pending service that allows businesses to send and receive text messages, known as business texting, from their email. TextDesk™ enables contact centers to have conversations between agents and customers via text. Continue reading “TextBetter™ suite of Text products Receives Technovation Award”