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Why is business texting important?

Times are changing.  How businesses communicate with customers has certainly changed over the years as well.  At one point in time almost every business communication was hand written or spoken face to face.  That has evolved to talking over the phone and email.  The new channel that has entered into the game is business landline texting.

Why is business texting important?

Today’s customers don’t answer phone calls

We all know someone (or maybe you are this person) that you try and call, they don’t answer the phone, but before you can put the phone down they send you a text message asking “can’t talk what did you need”.  Putting aside the urge to text back “answer the phone and I’ll tell you”, you carry on your communication via text message instead of by a voice call.  When businesses try to reach customers they would never receive the text back, so they will continue to call this person that has a phobia of answering the phone.

Business texting creates a quick method for quick communication

If the business had their business number text enabled, the customer would text in, and a conversation could be continued via text message.  This reduces the time and energy spent tracking this person down.

Customers may have a simple question, but hesitate to call and ask for many reasons.  They may have to wait on hold, be transferred to the correct person, or maybe the customer just doesn’t want to talk on the phone.  Wouldn’t it be great if the customer could text in a simple question to your business?  And better yet, receive a text back with the answer!  Business texting allows you to do just that.

 “Texting is the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction”

Some customers prefer a text message

There is a new generation of consumers out there that prefer to do everything via text message.  Are you showing that customer the love by offering texting to those customers that prefer it?  It’s important to communicate with your customers by their preferred channel of communication.

“78% of people wish they could text a business” – can they text your business?

Why would you send text messages to customers vs just responding to incoming text messages?

Every business is different, but our clients are currently using TextBetter™ to send these types of proactive communications to their customers:

  • Send reminders for appointment time and location
  • Reminders for delivery or pick up dates
  • Text out deadlines of critical dates
  • Wish their customers “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary”

How does it work?

Business texting works by text enabling the company’s main business phone number or the employee’s direct numbers to send and receive text messages.  The text enabled phone number is paired with your email address so you send and receive text messages from your existing email client.

If you aren’t currently texting with your customers someone else is.  Start engaging with your customers via text message today.  Contact us at TextBetter to learn how today – text (or call) us at 800-322-1112 or send an email to [email protected].

Kelsey Olsen is the Director of Enhanced Telecom Services for TextBetter, an innovative patent pending text solution for businesses.  She takes great pride in leading a team that is responsible for on-boarding new clients as well as ongoing world class customer service.  Kelsey is an expert advisor for her clients that need successful business texting best practices.  She can be reached at [email protected] or 516-656-5122.