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With so many business texting solutions in the marketplace, it can seem like a daunting task to figure out which service is right for you. If you are like most medium to large companies, then you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email platform for communicating with employees, customers, vendors, client and prospects.

Since you are using email so much during your day, wouldn’t it make sense to choose a business texting solution that is integrated with it? TextBetter was built to work with email clients such as Outlook, Google and other most-used email clients. Here’s how

How TextBetter’s Business Texting Solution Integrates with Email

No Downloads Required

Most importantly, there is no email plugin to download and install. No need to worry about plugin updates, or what will happen when upgrading your email client. The TextBetter service does not need any additional software or downloads to work.

Email and Text Messages in One inbox

The TextBetter™ business texting solution leverages your existing email account to send and receive texts, which means you will be able to track email, texts, and voicemail right through your email inbox. No need to look in separate inboxes for all your messages. They are all in one spot. Easy!

Email & Text at the Same Time

Send the same message through email and text at the same time. Maybe you have an urgent message that you need to get to someone and you are not sure if they will see their email or text message first. You can send a message to both at the same time by sending one email that will go to their email inbox and to their mobile phone number.

How TextBetter’s Business Texting Solution Integrates with Email

TextBetter™ Team Tips for Maximizing the Power of our Business Texting Solution

Use Message Rules

Message Rules. Similar to other rules you have created for incoming email, set up rules for incoming texts that are routed through your email client. Here are a couple of rules you could set up:

1. Create an audible ding for each incoming text. People expect a response to a text quicker than an email. With an audible ding, this will better alert you to a new message that you probably should read and respond to quickly.

2. Even though our text messages use a distinct subject line of ☎ Text Message From, you can also change the color for these special messages to a different color (such as red or green) so that they standout more in your inbox.

3. Move text messages to a specific folder so that your inbox does not get cluttered.

4. Combine 2 or more of these rules into 1 rule!

Contacts or Phone Book

Add new recipients to your Contacts so that you recognize who is texting you next time. You will also be able to use your email clients autocomplete to more easily fill in the recipients’ phone number to text them. TextBetter™ has a cloud-based Company Wide Phonebook. Anytime an incoming text comes into your email inbox, there will be a button to add the new recipient to your TextBetter™ phone book. This is especially handy when using multiple email clients (or different computers) to send texts.

Out of Office

Next time you set up an out of office message to be sent to those sending you emails, that same message will now be sent out via text in response to incoming text messages. No need to worry about leaving your customers or prospects wondering if you’re working on a holiday and when they can expect a response from you.

Other Neat TextBetter™ Features to Make Your Business Text Communications More Streamlined

Signature Block

One big difference between email and texting is the number of characters allowed in a message. With the TextBetter™ business texting solution, the application will recognize your signature block or standard ending The application will then stop the message before that so that you don’t waste characters that are needed for the actual message you are trying to get out through a text message.

Sending Picture Messages

With TextBetter™ business texting solution, sending a picture through a text message is made super easy. Just as you would attach the picture to your email, attach the picture to the text message and the person receiving the message will get it, as if they were getting the picture from another cell phone.

Bottom line is that your business uses email to unify business communication. Why not have your text communication integrated in your email tool as well. No need to learn a new program. Just continue using your email client like you are today!

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