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One of the key themes we hear from recruiters is not finding enough qualified applicants for open positions. They are under increasing pressure to find the best candidates in today’s ultra-competitive job market. Successful recruiters use new tools to help the race. For example, a business texting solution is a tool that help helps edge the competition out by increasing candidate engagement.

Communication Has Changed

Gone are the days where applicants want to speak on the phone with multiple recruiters or respond to never-ending emails. Instead, applicants prefer to communicate via text, just like their personal life.

Why is a business texting solution so effective? Well, job seekers are people. People check and respond to texts immediately, whereas emails can go unnoticed and phone calls unanswered. In addition, we live in a text-forward time. Did you know that 97% of all text messages are opened and responded to within 90 seconds of reading? 

A compelling statistic Garter published is that email open rates are 20%, and response rates are a lousy 6%. So it’s no wonder that a business texting solution is effective!

7 Ways Recruiters Use A Business Texting Solution 

  1. Use a business texting solution to text the applicant to let them know their application is received and they are or aren’t qualified.
  2. Text the candidate to schedule their interview.
  3. Provide directions or special instructions for the interview itself.
  4. Communication throughout the entire application process.
  5. Send a quick text on the morning of the first day of their new job, wishing them luck.
  6. Reminders to provide required documentation.
  7. Communicating about other positions they may be interested in. 


Business Texting Solution

Automation Makes Your Job Easier

Have you ever had candidates not find your location or call in to ask for your address? Problem solved! Instead, create custom replies based on keywords. In this case, a candidate would text “address” and receive an automatic response telling them where to go—worried about missing texts after hours? Worry no more! You can set up auto-responders stating that you received the text, and you’ll respond during regular business hours.

The best part is that you don’t have to be worried about not being glued to your office computer all day. You can also get all your business texts on the go.

Check out this page for a complete list of features.

How Does it Work?

It’s easy. TextBetter can enable your landline number for texting in these four easy steps:

  1. Pick Your Plan – Whether you’re a team of 5 or a company of 5,000 – we have a plan that’s right for you. Our plans are flexible, affordable, and designed to give you everything you need and a little more.
  2. Send Us Your User Information – Simply send us an email with the name, email address, and landline number for each user so we can get started on account set-up. Users will send text messages directly to and from the email address associated with each phone number. The TextBetter user will be able to send and receive text messages now from their email account. 
  3. Verify Your Number – Once we’ve called you on your landline and authenticated your telephone number, we’ll text-enable each user by pairing their landline number with their email account. The entire pairing process takes just a few minutes without any downloads, applications, or new software to install.
  4. Start Texting – Once you get an email confirming that the set-up is complete, you’re ready to start texting!

There is no software or hardware to install. Our service is 100% cloud-based. 

It’s Time to Make Recruiting More Productive

Fill your open positions faster by leveraging business texting solutions in your recruitment process. Ready to elevate your communication with candidates? Call or text us (yes, text us!) at 800-322-1112.

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