Boost Your Business with Landline Texting 

Landline texting is a new and convenient way for businesses to communicate with customers. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use. And it saves you (and your customers) a ton of valuable time!  

For example, think of the last time you had to call a business landline. How long did you wait on hold?  Was it an hour? Thirty minutes? One person in Australia waited for over 15 hours before giving up altogether!  

Now think about the benefits of texting. And how much your customers would appreciate waiting for a text, instead of being stuck on hold.  

For these reasons (and so many more) businesses of all types are beginning to implement landline texting into their customer communication strategy.  

From texting appointment reminders to answering FAQs; landline texting has quickly become the best way for any business to improve customer service, increase engagement, and boost overall sales.   

In this article, we’ll examine why landline texting is so powerful, and a few ways in which you can use it as soon as today! 

You already have everything you need

Do you have a landline number? Well, we’ve good news! Because you already have everything you need to start landline texting with TextBetter. That’s because TextBetter can text-enable any existing landline number in minutes. From your main office line to your employee’s direct dials. Toll-free & VOIP numbers work, too! 

So, what does this mean for you? It means more time, less money, and absolutely no headaches.  

Here are just a few ways using your existing landline for texting benefits you:   

  • No porting numbers or switching telephone carriers  
  • No new signage or stationary 
  • No new telephone numbers or contact information for customers & employees to remember 

Customers prefer texting over email

These days, everything happens instantly. Have a question? Ask Siri. Bored? Pull up your favorite social media app and scroll. Hungry? Instant food delivery.  

At the end of the day, customers want convenience and immediacy built into everything they do.  

And business texting is no exception. 

Did you know that 98% of all text messages get opened, compared to 20% of emails?  

Boot customer engagement with landline texting

How can texting from your landline boost your customer engagement? Not only does texting customers get your message opened, but it means customers can also respond to your message. Text messages are responded to 3x faster than email, and your message is more likely to be seen. Landline texting meets your customers’ needs while keeping your business where you work.  

Customers these days are so used to communicating through their mobile devices. It’s only natural that they’d want to send a text when something is needed. For example, if your customer is running late for an appointment, how much easier is it for them to text you verse email or call? 

Alex, our hours are Monday- Friday, 8am - 5pm. Would you like to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives?

Texting improves customer service

Many businesses have used landline texting to improve their customer service. You can automate text responses to FAQs, keep track of contacts in your company-wide phone book, search & store text history, and even sync text messages with CRM.  

Provide superb customer service without taking away from your day-to-day tasks.  A survey from Forbes found that 93% of people want text and voice options when communicating with a small business. Prioritizing communication with your customers will boost your customer service and boost your business. 

Starting Landline Texting Today

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder landline texting has quickly become a staple in the ways businesses communicate with customers.  

From how easy it is to get started, to how quickly people respond. There are so many ways in which texting can help improve your over business.  

Want to get started today? Check out TextBetter for a variety of landline texting solutions that work with your existing contact information.