Top 5 Templates for Business Text Messaging 

Are you a business owner looking into business text messaging but don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in! We make business text messaging easy! 

We know you want to grow your business’s revenue. According to a survey on Capterra, the number one top goal for 26 % of small to medium-sized businesses is to grow revenue. So how do you grow revenue? You market your product. And what better way to market your product than putting your message right in the hands of your customers?  

Customers prefer text, but what would you even text?  

Business text messaging templates by use case

To announce specials or discounts

Hey Michelle! Got any dinner plans tonight? Free appetizer with purchase of two entrees! Offer only available for today from 5 pm to close.  

Text messaging is an amazing resource for marketing. Think of how Michelle feels when she reads this text message. We all love an opportunity to save money, and this restaurant is getting ahead of the stereotypical question of the evening, “what do you want for dinner?” 

SMS marketing is a great investment for any business of any size. Get your specials and discounts where your customers already are: on their phones.  

Schedule appointment reminders

Bethany, we are confirming your appointment for Buddy at 3 pm tomorrow. Please respond with a Y to confirm your appointment. 

How many times have you almost forgotten an appointment? If I don’t put an appointment in my calendar with a reminder the day before and an hour before, I might completely forget it exists. With text messaging, you can schedule appointment reminders. Not just for your customers, you can also remind potential employees about interviews!   

By using text messaging, you can also confirm appointments with customers. If your customer confirms the appointment, you know you won’t sit there waiting for your customer just for them not to show up. This is a great tool if you charge a no-show fee that protects you and your customer.  

Send MMS with Business Text Messaging

Hey Aurelia! My sink isn't draining! Can you send someone out to help?

MMS is a great addition to business text messaging. You can send and receive images with your customers. You can even send PDFs, like W2s or paystubs. Think of how many times you send attachments in your emails. Wouldn’t it be easier for your customers for you to use text messaging? Customers say yes! 

Automated Responses to Customers 

Thanks for texting us! We are open from 8 am – 8 pm every day. We would love to hear from you when we are open! 

How many times a day does someone call your business and ask if you are open? With business text messaging, you can automate text responses! Customers can text your landline, and it will respond immediately. You can choose your automatic response based on the time of day your customer texts, keywords your customer used, or even a mix of criteria. Make business text messaging work for you!  

By automating texts, your customers will not be neglected or wonder why you are unresponsive. Automating text messaging is the best way to ensure quality communication between your business and customers.  

Send Schedules to Employees

Hey Addison! Your PTO for May 18-23 has been approved.  

What do you use right now for sending schedules to employees? Hot Schedules? Shift Board? Some other app that feels chaotic half the time? Even worse, are you texting them all in a group chat and dealing with the struggle of Android versus iPhone in group chats? Our distro list sounds perfect for you! Create a list of up to 100 contacts. Then, when you text your distro list, they will receive it as an individual text rather than a group chat message, saving everyone the hassle of a work group chat.  

Your employees can also request PTO or send sick notes as needed. Instead of having a book in the back or slips of paper that might get lost, employees can text you their time off request. It is stored safely in your email, so there are no accidental mix-ups.  

Get started with business text messaging today! 

It is easy to get started with business text messaging! How will you use business text messaging?  

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