SMS Marketing Made Easier Than Ever

Introducing, The SMS Marketing Wizard

Send personalized texts to hundreds of recipients at once, like appointment reminders & special texting announcements. Our SMS Marketing Wizard makes mass texting easier than ever, with just one click of a button.

How to use The SMS Marketing Wizard

Send personalized texts inn one click of a button

Send hundreds of personalized texts at once, in just 2 simple steps. The Wizard makes it easier than ever. 

Simply upload your recipient list and desired message, then click send! In 30 minutes or less, your texts are delivered.

Mass texting template

Why we’re ranked #1 by customers

The TextBetter Advantage

SMS marketing comes with compliance protection

Built in compliance protection & opt-out management

Automate opt-out management across your entire company

Mass Texting has better deliverability

Better deliverability & campaign registration

Message throttling designed for high volume texting

Mass texting with message tracking

Message tracking & delivlerability reports

So you’ll know right away if your text was delivered

US Based Customer Support

Our team of sales & support professionals are ready when you are.

Store Text History

Archive texts, search conversation threads & manage texts from your inbox.

Company-Wide Phonebook

Easily store customer numbers in your company-wide address book.

Mass texting built for instant & easy communication

Keep it conversational & secure with The SMS Marketing Wizard

When a recipient replies to your marketing text, we make it easy to continue the conversation one-on-one.