Conversational texting via business email

When someone sends a text to your landline number, we convert their text into an email, and deliver it right to your inbox.

To text back, simply reply!

Using email for texts is easy, intuitive & reliable

How to send & receive texts via business email

By simply pairing a landline number with an email address, TextBetter can text-enable any existing landline number within minutes.

It works with any kind of landline number, and any kind of email client.  

Questions on sending texts via email?

FAQ’s on email-to-text

Landline Questions

Can I use my existing landline number?

Yes. TextBetter will work with any 11-digit telephone number, including toll-free & VoIP numbers. And unlike our competitors, we’ll never take ownership or port your numbers.

What about toll-free or VoIP numbers?

Yes. TextBetter can text-enable toll-free & VOIP numbers as well as landline telephone numbers.

What If I dont have a landline number?
If you need a landline number for texting, we can provide you with one. Based on your needs, we also offer local area code numbers, toll-free numbers as we all Remote Call Forwarding (where incoming calls are routed to another number).
Can multiple users send texts from a single landline number?

Yes. We recommend using a ‘shared inbox’ to allow multiple users to send & receive text messages from a single landline number.

Email Client Questions

Will it work with my business email?
Yes. TextBetter effortlessly connects with any existing email client. From office 365 and Outlook to Gmail, Apple Mail and more.
How do you send a texts via email?
Simply enter a recipients mobile number followed by ‘’ in the TO field of the email, then type your message and click send.

For example, [email protected]

What happens when someone texts my landline?

When someone sends a text to your landline number, we’ll convert their SMS into an email and deliver it right to your inbox. To text back, simply reply!

Can I access my texts online?

Yes. By using an email account to send, receive and manage texts, TextBetter eliminates the need for additional applications or software.

TextBetter users can send, receive, manage text conversations on any platform that has access to their email. This includes online portals, as well as desktop applications.

It also works on as many devices (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) as you’d like, at no additional cost.

Compare Plans

What is the difference between Solo and Professional?

As our most basic plan, Solo includes 1 user and 200 outbound texts per month. In the event you exceed your monthly limit, you will be charged an overage fee of $0.04 per outbound text. Incoming texts are free and do not count towards your limit.

Our Professional Plan includes 5 users and built-in features like a company-wide phonebook, reporting, automatic & scheduled replies, opt-out list management and more. In addition, Professional Plan users have access to mass text & marketing tools like distribution lists and our SMS Marketing Wizard.

Professional Plan users also enjoy 500 outbound texts per month pooled across your organization. For example, 2 users = 1,000 outbound texts per month (2×500 = 1,000) | 3 users = 1,500 outbound texts per month (3×500 = 1,500), etc. As always, Incoming texts are free and do not count towards your limit.

What is the difference between Professional and Enterprise?

Enterprise is designed for large organizations that require premium customization or support. There are no limits on the number of user licenses per subscription, and volume discounts are automatically built into your pricing plan (please contact us for custom pricing).

Enterprise includes everything in our Professional plan, plus personalized APIs, tailored features (specific to your organization/needs) and custom branding for a more personalized user experience.

Pricing Questions

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

Can I add new user licenses to my existing plan?

Adding new users is easy and set-up is free! Simply contact our Support Team with each user’s information. It takes less than a day to get started.

Prices per user vary depending on your plan:

• Solo includes 1 user (maximum of 1 user per subscription*).
• Professional includes 5 users. A subscriber can add additional users at any time, at a discounted rate of $20 per user per month (maximum of 1,000 users per subscription).

*There are no fees associated with account upgrades – so your growing team can easily transition to a Professional Plan, if needed.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes. Upgrading plans is easy and can be done at any time, without any hidden fess or penalties. Just contact our support team.

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