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How to send a text by email

Introducing Email-to-Text

When someone sends a text to your landline number, we convert their email into a text and deliver it to your email inbox. To text back, simply reply!

How to send a text by email

Simple set-up, completed in minutes

By simply pairing a landline number with an email address, we can text-enable any existing landline number within minutes.

  • Works with your existing landline number
  • Works with any email client
  • Nothing to download or install
Pair your email with your landline to text
text-enable your landline number by pairing your landline number with your email address

Treat texts like business email

Send, receive, and manage texts directly from your email inbox. Users can archive texts, read conversation threads and treat texts just like business email.

Carol J., Practice Manager
“We use it for sending various messages to clients, some completely unique and others are standard text which we save as “signatures” in our email program so we can easily insert them in our messages and then personalize them as needed. It saves us a lot of time on the phone, and we get replies more quickly, and it’s easy to learn to use. The staff and clients both like it.”
John H., Owner
“The software is easy to use and our clients appreciate having another way to communicate with us…[And] great customer service. I have always gotten a live person right away or a call back within an hour.”
Sheryl H., Director of IT
“Really appreciate that it is a generic platform, so can be used across multiple industries or departments. It works well in both our sales and service operations! It was very easy to train our employees and the reporting is straight forward. Pricing per user is reasonable. The contact I work with is extremely responsive to any request I have.”


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