Do’s and Don’ts of Business Texting

Businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to communicate with their customers effectively. Business text messaging has emerged as a popular channel, offering a direct and personalized approach to reaching clients. However, as with any new communication method, there are rules and regulations that business owners must follow to ensure they make the most of their business texting investment.

Business texting is a valuable tool when used responsibly and strategically. By obtaining consent, providing value to customers, using a recognizable number, avoiding short links, and respecting business hours, you can build stronger connections with your audience and enhance your overall business communication. Remember, a successful business text messaging system builds trust and adds value to your customers’ experiences. 

Do’s and don’ts of business texting

Do: Obtain Consent

One of the cardinal rules of business texting is to obtain explicit consent from your customers before initiating any text communications. Unsolicited texts are not only annoying to recipients but are also illegal under certain regulations 

There are two primary ways to obtain consent – implied and expressed. Implied consent comes into play when a customer initiates communication with the business. In such cases, it is assumed that the business can text the customer back, but only in response to the original inquiry. The business must avoid adding additional information and limit the response to the specific query.  

On the other hand, expressed consent is when customers, employees, or prospects willingly provide their consent to receive texts from the company. This consent can be obtained through various means, such as filling out a form in the office, a web form, an email form, or giving verbal agreement on a recorded phone line. 

Don’t: Over Do It

While business texting can be a powerful tool to engage with customers, it is crucial not to overwhelm them with excessive texts. The key is to ensure that each text provides genuine value to the recipient. Bombarding customers with frequent or irrelevant messages can lead to annoyance and ultimately result in opting out of the service. Business texting should be treated as a craft and used wisely and strategically to maintain customer satisfaction. 

Do: Use Your Landline Number for Business Texting

Customers appreciate consistency in communication, and using your business’s landline number for texting is an excellent way to achieve this. Text-enabling your landline number allows customers to recognize who is calling and texting them, thus establishing trust and familiarity. However, it is essential to introduce yourself in the first message to remind the customer of your identity and avoid confusion.  

Don’t: Text Short Links

Link shorteners like Bitly have their place in various marketing campaigns, but it’s best to avoid using them when it comes to business texting. People are naturally cautious about clicking on links from unknown sources; short links can trigger suspicion. To establish authority and credibility, use the full website link in your texts, providing customers with a clear and transparent URL.

Do: Keep Business Texting within Business Hours

Respecting customers’ personal time is crucial in maintaining a positive relationship. Refrain from texting customers during non-business hours, as receiving professional communications during personal time can be intrusive and annoying. It is advisable to limit business texting to the recipient’s local business hours, typically between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. By doing so, you not only respect your customers’ time but also protect your personal time as a business owner. You are more than a business owner; you are still a person.  

Do: Reach out to TextBetter for Next Steps

As a business owner, embracing business texting will open up new opportunities for connecting with your customers and driving engagement. However, following the do’s and don’ts we’ve outlined is essential to ensure a successful texting strategy. If you’re ready to embark on your texting journey, TextBetter can help you take the next steps. Visit, call us at (800) 322-1112, or schedule a call with our sales team to explore how business texting can benefit your business. So, take the plunge into the world of business texting and watch your business thrive