5 Ways That Credit Unions Can Use Landline Texting

Did you know there is a better way to reach your members than emailing and calling them? Landline texting meets the communication preferences of members while also helping credit unions like yours expedite communications.  

Everyone expects things to be done quickly these days. Hungry? Order food through an app. Reservation for dinner? Just go to their website and fill out the form. Need groceries? Make an online order and have it delivered. Why should credit unions be any different?  

Landline texting is quick and accessible for everyone, including you! TextBetter can get your credit union texting from your landline in under 30 minutes.  

Credit Unions love texting their members payment reminders, keeping members updated, sending images and PDFs, texting appointment reminders, and request reviews from customers all while knowing TextBetter follows all texting compliance laws.  

Start Texting Payment Reminders

With landline texting, it is easy to send payment reminders to your members. Even better, you can schedule the payment reminders. By texting reminders, you will ultimately decrease loan delinquencies, which makes your job easier and customers happier.  

Not only can you send payment reminders, but you can also text payment links to members so they can pay where they already are- on their phone. We work where you work, so your members can work where they work (on their phone). 

Update Members of the Status of a Loan or Mortgage Application  

Jack, congratulations! Your loan application was approved. Call me to review next steps

We know you are working hard for every single one of your customers. It can be hard to keep every single member updated on the status of loans or mortgages applications, even though we know your members are hovering near their phone. 

With texting, representatives can use their existing landline number to text updates to members. You can let your members know any updates within minutes instead of hoping they will answer your phone call or playing phone tag. Let us make it easier for you to update your members on every status.  

Use Landline Texting to Exchange Images & PDFs

MMS, also called Multimedia Messaging Service, is used for texting images from phone to phone. While many people think of using MMS to send memes or other funny images, it can also be used professionally. With MMS enabled, your members can send images of their driver’s license, paystubs, proof of residence, W4, and anything else you might need.  

MMS is perfect for loan applications and mortgage documents. With MMS, you and your members can easily exchange PDFs of applications and other documents.  

Reduce No-Shows by Texting Appointment Reminders

Your clients are busy. You are busy. Missed appointments waste everyone’s time. How many times have you been saved from missing an appointment because you got a text reminder?  

With landline texting, you can send appointment reminders to your members and receive confirmation as well. Sure, you can call to confirm appointments. But did you know almost 50% of clients prefer text reminder over email and phone calls?  

By utilizing texting for communication about appointments, members can also text you if they are running late, they can easily text you and let you know. Reduce no-shows by texting appointment reminders and making it easier for you and your members.  

Request Reviews via Text by Members

When deciding on anything new, how often do you look at reviews? From restaurants to Amazon products to even new cars, customers want to hear the opinions of other customers. Your future members are the same.  

With a text-enabled landline, you can request reviews from your members for your services, boosting your business. By requesting reviews through text, it will be seen as more personal. Personalized messaging makes a difference when building relationships with clients. When trying to build relationships and get reviews, you want to be personal and approachable. And with texting review requests, you can text members at more convenient times rather than right after a lengthy phone call.  

Use Landline Texting to Manage Compliance

Texting my members sounds great, but I am worried about compliance regulations. Sound like you right now? Don’t worry! With TextBetter, every message is saved, searchable, and stored in your inbox. TextBetter also effortlessly connects with CRMs as well as compliance software like Smarsh.  


Are you ready to start texting today? To get started, visit www.textbetter.com, call us at (800) 322-1112, or schedule a call with our sales team here. We look forward to sending you your first text!